Four corners of my mind four in one poem

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Submitted: September 20, 2018

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Submitted: September 20, 2018



Four Corners Of My Mind by Plato Duque



(Girl) A

My regrets look just like texts I shouldn’t send

With every bar I speak my mind just starts to bend


And every time I think of you I lose my breath

And every Queen gone need a king who’s down to jest


And I won’t judge or crucify I just suggest

Dont skip the count or count me out just count me blessed



My Mona Lisa wanna please her but I’m stressed

I pray with preacher spirit teachers but I’m vexed 






(Cheating) B

To understand don’t underplan I’m Peter Pan

I’m never bland you never stand in Never Land


A better man a bitter fan drink Amsterdam 

With Tattered pants and Leper hands from Nether Lands


Don’t give a glance secure your stance with prayer hands

Don’t devil dance or ever prance with wedding bands


See weather man prepare the camp for betting plans

Against the chance to fall in trance with candy yams





(Breaking free)C

Avoiding temptation from master’s plantation

Built underground railroads with secret locations


And Harriet Tubman inspired a nation

To educate convicts and beat segregation


See my mental health has been facing inflation

Depression has got me in search of vacation


They call me a bitch but there’s no ovulation

A sensible man look for new occupation 






Looking for trouble I Google the chrome

Set on my sights and I get in the zone


My systems are down I reboot it from home

Starting all over now I’m on my own


Casting my demons I’m breaking my bones

They’re all inside me it’s all that I know


Jesus come save me I’ve tainted my soul

Headed to hell but for now I feel cold




(Girl)A 2

I look for peace in Anne of Cleve’s outlive a king

Henry the 8th displace the hate and mock the ring


I pray she like Necteïs the Queen Thebes turnover leaves like polymorphic in her themes

I’ll go to war and fight off hordes I’ll digest swords and every blade like bumble bees right after stings



Might penetrate the epidermis I am nervous that I have learned this life is so much more than simple daily burdens

Don’t spill the milk or spoil the meal or cry like seals learning new tricks to spin the wheel and catch the fish along with eels 


I have a point with every urchin I’ve been searching for the flesh that I’ve been urging 

Count your census(senses) like a Spurgeon dig your brain just like a surgeon come above like where the bird is it’s my pole from where you’re perched in






(Cheating)B 2


My asthma stressed I treasure chests with every breath that I am blessed

My lungs are vexed with smoke and sex from cigarettes my mind is spinning towards my ex in pirouettes 


No regrets collecting checks deleting texts don’t know what’s next

Apologies I don’t expect my self esteem pronounce it dead I lie awake with thoughts of dread


Forbidden fruit a new recruit with devil views keep angels fooled with rosaries and thickets too

Behind the bushes lust is fueled come to grips with family jewels she bugging out with antsy drools


I’m creeping now like Nancy Drew assuming things and I conclude she hides a lot with attitudes

Go off tangent latitudes bipolar manic aptitude what self destructive passion do 





(Breaking free) 2


A poor man’s petition the ghetto rendition of those who just struggle among competition

Breaking the prisons be patient and listen projectile collision bridge gaps of division


Social position is just a position with banks in revision in juxtaposition when debts are just lifted

Financially gifted I want it as quick as I wished it and soon as I have it there’s more that I’m missing



Mentally tired I’m resting at home my mind activated take Risperidone when I am dead lay to rest all my bones

Atypical antipsychotics I deal with the happy narcotics popping a pill to make my soles look polished glazing my eyes now my goal is accomplished


Got questions and tests don’t you know ima answer it all just before you go home interrogate cells water board chromosomes

A spiritual pinnacle pinned of the roof of all miracles life is a cycle the force is centripetal don’t send EMT’s but I’m DMT tripping tho




(Hell) 2


Judas Iscariot hugging the lariat gravity besting me Gardens Gethsemane

Kill the Messiahs my conscious a liar prophetic desire upsetting umpires settle the score and then crumble empires


Wake up in hades with Cerberus waiting my sins on the scale and my soul is degrading with every action my judgement sedating

Eternal outlier belong in the fire cast into darkness and breaking the lighter condition is heartless no will to this fighter


Denying the father the gap getting larger as Peter the Piper picked peppers for starters

Starters get picked cuz they hotter than peppers denying the savior picked devils for later


A chronic debater the mind always savors the topics and flavors my thoughts are like chasers for liquor and papers

Burn leafs of the maple my syrup get stuck to the table I gather a dab with the fire that’s able my soul is endanger with demons enabled





(Girl) 3

Helen of Troy force to seek and destroy and my ego a toy that she’s play and acts coy 

But girl I’m a man I’ve evolved from a boy all the games of a child are the things I avoid


Your body a canvas my lips are the brush and my fingers the quill to make pictures that move on a palette that’s still

Colors of water rain over their daughter make pixels turn larger set sail into harbors of pirates that kill


A mind like a genius a body like Venus a voice for arenas with drama for theatres 

A cunning world speaker strategic like leaders you never could beat her or think you could leave her


Romantic ceramic a love as delicate as it is filled by dynamic a ship with no course sink quick like Titanic

My iceberg obliged to collide in the lives of the five you will meet in the sky when you die



(Cheating) 3


Polygraphs write marriages into epitaphs don’t ever laugh at carriages for princess fairytales that never last

Triangle of Bermuda getting lost girl I knew ya was a open wound sensitive to sutures and expert in ruining brightly colored futures


Romeo and Juliet’s fantasies we use for sex hopeless romantic drunken semantics send texts to my ex and then panic

Confidence cradle careful ceramics with pride that’s as hot as active volcanics and a mind as complex as quantum mechanics


Super position my questions collected towards all inquisition for petty petition caused by curious conditions

Ruin the trust and lock all my doors when I open up the rust hits the floor WD need 40 or more reasons to doubt myself I explore


Confessions to ushers and padres galore my father confused thought my mothers a whore

Missing the context to count up the score nobody wins when ref isn’t sure




(Break free) 3


Rhetoric of cunning proportion for those who consume in oblivious absorption

The beakers and potions and witchcraft commotions displacing religious devotions


Emancipated elated submission debated for freedom I waited so patient to keep it I’m praying

With Uncles like Sam and a pistol in hand I’m chopping the ham and taking a stand


Bending bars in my cell and I talk to myself I consider my health and I know what would help

If I looked deep inside took the veil off my bride and expose both her eyes so I notice her lies


I’m married to the concept of trading my time for an object when I see a toy I just cop it and get walked on like tracks on the carpet

Divorce is in mind needing space and some time relative to Einstein and in theory I’m fine


Finally free I embrace destiny and my doubts facing me with the confident fees now I make a decree

The judge bangs his gavel to justify blood that was spilled on the gravel a giant like Gulliver’s travels reach for the sky now I’m passing the towers of Babyl on I go to the country to sleep with the cattle




(Hell) 3


Lilith send Devils to scrimmage the image of God and the pilgrims on Plymouth 

A happy thanksgiving for children and women until they just notice the cracks in the ceiling


Kingdoms have fallen the horsemen are calling the plagues of disease there’s no pardon for gentiles still crawling

Pick up the pace or face Lucifer’s rage energy shift to a change in the place where the crystals remain and we burn all the sage


A pit despair take a bath in some nair knots in my hair but I know you don’t care balance it out with emotions we share

Lifting your head and forgetting your sins we don’t repent cuz our patience is thin collecting a grudge and then greet them with grins


Beautiful angel turned out to be danger righteous to strangers dark ink to my paper tainting my soul and my spirit in flavor bloating my ego esteems inflame fuego

Falling from grace I done scraped up my face and my chest getting chafed by the waves hot like flames straight from luciferian existence with shame






(Girl) 4

Feminine divine taste the wrath of grapes from the vine cold thoughts climb the steep heights of snowy alpines

The curves that curse the faint of heart and burn the steak like Joan of arc exiled by hate like Bonaparte you hold my faith like Noah’s ark


Rain down from Olympus so foul with the chickens describe her with quickness a witness descriptive like Charles or like Dickens

Oliver Twist I love her hips please give me more cuz I’m losing my grip between pelvic cavity another bone slips but no fracture is happening


Signature moves we wrestling too tagging me in I get in the groove

Gimme a chair I can’t stand an affair love comes in threes I’m not always prepared


First comes the lust then comes the mind it’s under construction don’t cross on the line unless you define what it means to be bonded like jewelry and time

Last step is worship your soul so divine I hope I can purchase my goals to combine get me the coals to ignite the light the fire rekindles the brightest at night






(Cheating) 4

OJ to your Jessica I’m Simpson and I’m secular separate church from state black holes and mystic nebulas

If the glove don’t fit you must acquit double jeapordy if I murder the game twice in front of the same deputy


I don’t play by the rules I just pity the fools Mr T to A team work together for dreams independent through schemes

No honor from thieves lacking morals and sleeves goosebumps and I’m green I covet what I see belief that a want is a need


Spread myself thin now I drink juice and gin snoop on my dog is he truly my friend

Besting my wits my IQ just depends on the depth of answer and stroke of pen


The questions you ask to just calm your suspicion are answered indifferent to your surreptitious

Manners and etiquette predicting the predicate superstitious and betting chips the price of lie that slips from two heavy lips



(Break free) 4


Breaking my chains ima cash out the steel ima hijack the plane and then crash in a field

Burning plantation of overworked servants third Adam and Eve we gone stomp out the serpent 


Start a new world if you think you’re observant propose to a girl if you think she deserving

Break out the structure smear blueprints with purpose craft a new scheme although you are still nervous


Melting the beams so the stronghold will lean everything ain’t sugar coats with the paint and you see everything seems to be layers of pain

Misery and company will stick to me literally like Sicily mysteries the mafia will come for me while bullets will comfort me intrinsically 


Feeling relief like weights off my chest I no longer need obsessions for tests

Acing the score with the answers I’m blessed in regards to my nerves the questions suggest an instant detour to follow your instinct I’m sure




(Hell) 4


Reasons for demons approaching with seasons we’re not alone we make home with the legion

Exorcist features rebuking foul creatures obsessed ocult teachers drain pulp from the leeches


Devil May cry throughout June and July but I have no pity remorse for the type

To fall out the heavens leave trails in the sky come down to Earth and throw dirt in my eye


Crawl out the pit of abyss I don’t miss all the darkness remiss of the light i won’t dim or deny

Commander in chief I command you to fly kneel for the anthem they died for your right but still there are some that don’t understand life


Free to make choices but pay with a price consequence voices that enter your mind tell you turn left when you bout to go right

The devils a lie you can’t pay him no mind and even Jesus was human so Gods tend to die


© Copyright 2019 Plato Duque. All rights reserved.

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