people like you

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Submitted: September 20, 2018

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Submitted: September 20, 2018



Everyone thinks because you're perfect, you have your life together. That's not true.  But no one told you.

You changed your clothes, you coloured your hair. You changed the way you walked & talked. More people took notice & copied. Until you were at the top.?You never wanted to be there. They put you back on every time you would try to get off. It became your life. You became a character that no one knew, just one everyone saw. You don't even know yourself nor did you acknowledge your faults.

You fell apart day by day; slipping in black and white. Everyone else thought it was strange that you were smiling less & how your quotes darker. They figured it was a new trend & kept the compliments coming & stretching the truth farther.

You started to cut. You would watch the blood flow down the drain and feel no pain. Just smile at the reminder.

Until I met you, you didn't let me in

So, I couldn't love.

I tried with the messages, the calls, the tears, the fall... I TRIED. But darling, no can fall in love with people like you. People like you don't fall for the strong. You've been broken by the weak hearted.

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