When do you Stop

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

I have a very specific reason for writing this poem, which was spit out of my mind at 1am during a 4 day depressive episode about a week ago while eating dino chicken nuggets. I've shared it with
multiple people, and was intrigued that each person interpreted it a bit differently, and none of there interpretations matched exactly what I meant. So for this reason I'm not going to explain
what this poem is about, mainly because I'm curious to see how people on here interpret it. Enjoy!

Submitted: September 20, 2018

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Submitted: September 20, 2018



When do you stop

When do you give in

What is the acceptable defeat

This war with my monster within


Is my world made up

Of diverse, incarcerated lies?

Does truth still lie benign

In this stubborn labyrinth, my heart, defy


Who’s truth am I living

In between this porous space

Living in equity, dying in truth

Hastily running in circles, the illusion of a race


We must have meaning, must have direction

Or what is our purpose here?

To lack understanding and live in ignorance

People say is what they fear


But it seems to me, this uniformity

This sweet, seductive colloquium

That gives one the illusion of power

Direction and subtle annihilation

Of the intramural voice we encounter


If you must go, do what you may

And raise a little Hell

Immerse your soul in the immoral

This dark damnable galvanic cell


The truth so deep

The world so shallow

A thousand prophets screech and rant

Of the design above, the eternal hallowed


Of sticking needle words into my blood

And writhing the way into my inauguration

Become a shadow, become an echo

A mere number in your dictation


Pliable instruments

Keepers of the light

Speak thy will, be quiet, be still

Become the demons in the night


When do you stop

How to make lions friends with lambs

Pharacuticle law and chaotic divine dominate the human race

As God’s world around them declines


Worried whispers

Of things unknown

Don’t you see what’s in front of you?

What is happening to your home?


Estimated time, calculated lies

Are being dispersed like living tissue

Of the good of the many, glory divine

Eternal exaltation of their revenue


Obsessed with this democracy

Drunk on their mediocrity

This bulbous mass of damaged filth

Is running on corporatocracy


Now is the time

Today is the day 

Stop this madness

That is underway


Cry for justice

Initiate peace

Stand up or lay down

I need this all to cease


Should you stop

Do you want to give in?

Does acceptable even matter

Can’t you make friends with the monster within?


Oh caullosed heart

Beaten down, trodden with lies

Truth still lives

In your stubborn lovely mind


This is your meaning

Help the ignorant and do not fear

Grow in understanding, love yourself and others

For that is why you are here.

© Copyright 2020 jane collins. All rights reserved.

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