Lead and its properties.

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Submitted: September 21, 2018

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Submitted: September 21, 2018



What will come of tomorrow when the exit wounds continue

to stack on top of each other


The seeds that have been planted don’t even get the chance to sprout fully,

weeds know how to pull a trigger


Hopes, dreams, and aspirations are resilient foundations for life,

but the big bad wolf has tsunami lungs

capable of wiping the foundation clean in minutes with alloy waves where even

light-hearted limbs struggle to stay afloat


Evolution and adaptation has proved progressive on a cellular level,

but they never did believe beyond that


We often learn from tragic events, but I guess the lesson to be learned as they continue,

is to put faith into an abiding dissonance 


There are times when souls should be able to fly freely, with no disregard

these are not one of those times

for souls with no bodies are not free—rather, they are lost and dilapidated

with so many of them still bleeding what their host cannot

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