Charlene (Story 1)

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Submitted: September 21, 2018

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Submitted: September 21, 2018



A girl with light brown hair walks over to a mansion she knocks on the door

It opens;

Subaru - You must be Charlene;

Charlene - How did you know my name?

Shu - We have been expecting you;

She steps into the mansion;

Reiji - Would you like a drink?

Charlene - No thanks;

The door closes;

Kanato – When we heard that you were coming we just had to make you feel welcome;

Laito - Yeah;

Subaru - May I take your luggage?

Charlene - Nah it’s okay;

Subaru - No I assist?

Charlene - I said no!

She walks over to the stairs and begins climbing;

She slips;

Kanato - Are you okay?

Charlene – Yeah just a bit of a fall that’s all;

She slowly gets up and continues walking up the stairs;

Reiji calls to the Charlene - If you need us we will be in the dining room.

The brothers turn and walk away Charlene reaches the top of the stairs she walks along a long corridor over to a door which she slowly opened;

Ayato - I was expecting you;

Charlene - You’re naked!

Ayato - Literally but don't let that put you off in getting to know me inside and out;

Charlene - What do you mean?

Ayato - You will find out sooner or later;

Charlene quickly closes the door she turns;

The door opens again a hand grabs her shoulder;

Ayato - Your skin is so soft;

He licks the side of her neck;

Ayato - Play with me;

Charlene - I rather not!

Downstairs in the dining room the others were sat at a long table;

Reiji - What's taking her so long?

Subaru - She just got here give her time to unwind:

Shu - It has been 6 minutes;

Kanato - Maybe she is sleeping?

Laito - Or masturbating?

Kanato - Now why would she do that!

Laito - Come on she is in a house with six hot guys;

Shu - Are you forgetting she is our guest?

Laito - Doesn't stop her from fingering the soft folds of her virgin pussy;

Kanato - You're sick!

Reiji - Just ignore him;

A butler comes into the dining room;

Butler - Phone call;

Reiji - I will take it;

The butler walks over to Reiji with the telephone he gives it to him;

Reiji - Hello;

Man's voice - Has my daughter settled in?

Reiji - Yes;

Man's voice - Good make sure you treat her with respect;

Reiji - We will;

Man's voice - Good I will call later;

Reiji - Okay;

Man's voice - Take care goodbye;

Reiji gives the phone back to the butler;

He turns and walks away;

Shu - Was that Charlene's father?

Reiji - Yes;

The dining room door slowly opens a fully clothed Ayato walks in;

Ayato - Sorry am late gentleman;

Subaru - Where's Charlene?

Ayato - Who;

Reiji - Charlene!

Ayato - Are you a bit old to have an imaginative girlfriend?

Shu - Just tell us where she is?

Ayato - I don't know what you are talking about;

Laito - There is a pretty girl that has just entered into this mansion that goes by the name Charlene;

Kanato - That happens to be our guest?

Ayato – Our guest;

Reiji - Yes?

Ayato - Interesting;

Subaru - So where is she?

Ayato - I locked her in my bedroom closet;

Shu - What!

Ayato - She wouldn’t play with me so I locked her in there;

Reiji - Don't you know who you’re dealing with!

Kanato - She could be the carrier of something really important!

Ayato - Like what;

Kanato - I don't know but she has to be treated with respect;

Ayato -Respect?

Reiji - Yes;

Ayato - Alright I will give her respect once I suck her dry and put my dick in her;

Subaru - You dare!

Ayato - Have you guys forgotten the sheer crap that we went through and yet more crap is been put on us?

Reiji - Just get her!

Ayato - Fine;

Ayato turns and walks out from the dining room he sees Charlene walking bare foot down the stairs;

Ayato - How did you come out from my bedroom closet?

Charlene turns and says nothing as she continues walking down the stairs;

Ayato - Bitch I am talking to you how did you get out?

Charlene turns to the front she arrives downstairs and walks over to the dining room pushing Ayato to one side as she walks in;

Charlene - Sorry am late gentlemen;

Shu - We know the reason why;

Kanato - You can sit next to me?

Laito - Or me;

Subaru gets up and walks over to the Charlene he takes her by the hand and escorts her to a chair at the top end of the table;

Charlene - Thanks;

Subaru - No problem;

She sits down;

Ayato - Pitiful you all should hang your heads low in shame!

He walks over to a chair and sits down.

Reiji - So Charlene what are your interests?

Charlene - Art and Poetry;

Reiji - Really what kind of art and poetry;

Charlene - 17th and 18th century;

Shu - What about music?

Charlene - Classical;

Shu - What's your favorite composer?

Charlene – Mozart, Von Beethoven, and others;

Kanato - Do you have a favorite toy?

Charlene - A doll house that was hand crafted by my grandfather;

Kanato- Is he a toy maker?

Charlene - Yes;

The butler comes in with a trolley that had a soup pot on it;

Butler - Your starters gentlemen and me lady;

Laito - What’s the soup today?

Butler - Crab and mild chili;

Kanato - Grandma's recipe;

Reiji - Rest her sole;

Shu - After the shit we have been through grandma comes on top with her good cooking and baking recipes;

The butler picks up Charlene's bowl and serves her;

Charlene - Thank you;

Butler - Your welcome me lady;

He goes along the table serving the brothers;

Laito - It’s good to have female companionship once again after two years;

Charlene - Are you saying you never had female companionship within two years?

Laito - Yes;

A girl with long blond hair stands outside the dining room window crying a woman with long purple hair wearing a black dress appears;

Woman -What's with the crying?

Girl with blond hair (sobs) - I can't do it!

Woman - If you want to claim power and wealth you have to do the deed in killing those that have abused and humiliated you in the past;

Girl with blond hair (sobs) - Can't I just claim power and wealth without touching them?

Woman - That is not how it works Yui you have to be strong;

Girl with blond hair (sobs) - How?

Woman - Those boys treated you like a dog and a slave for goodness how long it is time for you to shine by giving them a taste of their own medicine (sigh) why am I berthing;



The woman with long purple hair vanishes;

Girl with blond hair - Wait Miss Cordelia;

The girl with blond hair also vanishes;

Back inside;

Laito - Anyway the Bitch had to go sooner or later;

Charlene picks up her soup spoon and begins eating her bawl of crab and mild chili soup;

Laito – Do you have a boyfriend?

Charlene – No;

Laito – Why’s that?

Charlene – I kinder like to be boyfriend free;

Kanato – Boyfriend free?

Shu – Can you explain why?

Charlene – I just think it’s a waste of time;

Reiji – A waste of time?

Charlene – A friend of mine had a boyfriend that had commitment problems in fact he was a womanizer and only after one thing;

Subaru – Sounds like someone we use to know in the past;

Charlene – Is it your father?

The brothers stop eating;

Shu – Don’t mention that bastard ever again;

Charlene – I am sorry;

The brothers continue eating their soup;

Laito – So you don’t want to fall in love?

Charlene – No;

Reiji – Your father called;

Charlene –Did he?

Reiji – He wants to know if you have settled down;

Charlene – I have not even unpacked;

Charlene slowly falls off the dining room chair;

The brothers – Charlene!

Charlene awakens in a bed surrounded with dolls and stuffed animals;


Charlene – What happened?


Kanato – You fainted;


Charlene –Fainted?


Reiji – Do not worry we did not bite you;


Laito – On less you what us to?


Subaru – I have asked the butler to bring your main course dinner up here;


Charlene – Thanks;


Shu – So tell us more about yourself?


Charlene – Myself;


Kanato – We love to hear?


Charlene – Well I am 20 years old and a daughter to an inherits businessmen;


Laito – An inherits businessman;


Charlene –Yes;


Reiji – For the rich or in general;


Charlene – If it was general I would not be here;


Kanato – Has anyone seen,


Ayato standing by the door holding a pair of handcuffs and a whip;


Ayato –I can see the bitch has woken up?


Reiji – What’s with the handcuffs and whip?


Ayato – Well since you guys are a bunch of pussies to do anything to this weak protagonist of a girl I decided to take matters into my own hands;


Subaru – Touch her and you will pay the price!


Ayato – What price?


Laito – She’s the daughter of an inherits businessman;


Ayato –So she says;


Charlene – Yes I am the daughter of an inherits businessman and the way things are going you are all not ready to receive your billion dollar inherits;


The brothers – A billion dollar inherits!


Reiji – Each or joined?


Charlene – That is not for me to say;


The butler comes into the bedroom with a tray;


Butler – Your main course me lady?


Subaru – We will talk later;


The brothers turn and walk out from the bedroom;


Ayato – Does this mean I can toy with her?


Shu – Just come on.


The butler walks over to Charlene;


Butler – I hope you are well enough to eat?


Charlene – Never felt better;


Butler – You know the Sakamaki brothers will bite and screw your brains out if you trigger them?


Charlene – That’s what I am trying to avoid but it has to be said in order for them to get there billion dollar inherits they have to be prepared and at this rate they are not;


Butler – You’re a tough girl me lady hope you don’t slip out the net;


He puts the tray in front of her;


Butler – Enjoy your evening.


The butler turns and walks out from the bedroom;


He closes the bedroom door;


The brothers going downstairs;


Subaru – Not ready?


Reiji – So all that niceness was a complete waste of time;


Ayato – I told you that bitch was another Yui but with a different hair color;


Shu – Now let’s not go down that territory?


Kanato – We just need to try harder;


Ayato – In what way Kanato playing tea parties with her?


Kanato – Well it is a start;


Ayato – There is no way I am going to dress up as the mad hatter to serve treats to that witch!


Laito – Can I make a suggestion?


Kanato – If it involves what you are thinking the answer is no!


Reiji – So it is settled then a tea party it shall be;


Kanato excited;


Ayato – If anyone needs me I will be outside looking for virgins in the forest;


Ayato goes quickly down the stairs;


Subaru – How are we going to do this tea party?


Kanato – Just follow my instructions.


Charlene in her bedroom eating when the window opens she stops eating puts the tray to one side and slowly gets out of bed she walks over to the window;


 Man’s voice – Hi there;


Charlene slowly turns to see a man with long blonde hair sitting on a chair;


Man – You look kind of young to be an inherits agent;


Charlene – Who are you?


Man – Let’s just say I am a relative to the Sakamaki brothers;


Charlene –What is your purpose in being here?


Man – I came to warn you about their personality;


Charlene –Personality?


Man – Don’t let those boys play you like a fool?


Charlene –I am aware of that;


Man – You are;


Charlene – Before I came hear my father warned me about them;


Man – He did?


Charlene – If those boys want their inherits they have to show that they can handle it;


Man –Handle it?


Charlene – I play a hard game;


Man – You’re a tough girl;


Charlene smiles;


Man – Let’s hope the brothers don’t see right through you;


Charlene – They won’t;


Man – One final word before I leave if you get a visit from a woman with purple hair or a girl with blonde hair don’t make deals or offers with them?


Charlene – Are they sharks?


Man – Kind of;


Charlene – Okay is there anything else I should know?


Man – No that is all have a goodnight.


The man gets up from the chair he walks over to the open window and vanishes;


The window closes;


Charlene – Who was that man?


She turns and walks back over to the bed she climbs in and falls asleep.


Morning comes Charlene awakens she climbs out of bed and walks over to the bathroom;


She turns on the tap and begins washing her face;


A hand touches her shoulder;


Deep voice – Morning;


Charlene jumps and turns;


Laito – Sorry did I startle you?


Charlene –How did you get in here?


Laito – It seems that we got off to the wrong start;


Charlene – What wrong start?


Laito – The whole greeting thing and not allowing you to talk about him;


Charlene – Who’s him?


Laito – Mr. absent;


Charlene – Mr. absent oh your father;


Laito – Can I ask you a personal question?


Charlene – Yeah;


Laito – It is about the Sakamaki inherits is it one huge amount or is it split?


Charlene – That is not for me to answer;


Laito silent;


Laito (whispers in Charlene ear) – You know being single is a curse waiting to happen?


Charlene quickly walks over to the bathroom door;


She opens it;


Reiji –Morning Miss Charlene did you have a nice sleep?


Charlene – Yes of course;

Reiji – Your clothes for today is on the bed;


Charlene – You did not have to do that;


Reiji – Oh but I insist;


Charlene walks over to the bed she sees a pink dress with white stockings and pink high heel shoes;


Reiji – See you downstairs.


Reiji walks over to the bedroom door he walks out.


Charlene begins changing;




















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