The Truth About Beauty and The Beast

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

No one ever tells you sleeping around with beautiful witches isn't a great idea. One-Seraphina-happened to fall in love with me when all I wanted was casual sex. She knew that right from the start.
But women think they can just change a man in a heart beat, especially the ones-women I mean-that give out easily.

Luckily for me a girl came along to break the curse-well I hope can break the curse.

What they didn't tell you in the Disney movie was it wasn't a rose, my family and servants weren't turned to animated housewares-but statues. They were there to remind me of my "wicked" ways.

They were also slightly off about me being turned into a "Beast." I mean I guess I did turn into a beast, but not in the mystical-sprouting hair all over my body and becoming an sloppy

Every woman I tried to get close to would end up triggering the curse. I had to get this girl to fall in love with me before my twenty-sixth birthday, which is in three years. Can she break the
curse? Or will she be my demise?

Table of Contents

Chapter One

No one ever tells you sleeping around with beautiful witches isn't a great idea. One—Seraphina—happened to fall in love with me when ... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

  A gentle knock awhile later awoke my from my light slumber. Walking, well running—still not used to the superhuman speed—I... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

  ~Present~ "Lorin I told you I don't want to go. I got midterms coming up!" "Oh shut the fuck up! You're going and tha... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

I wake up to a chilly breeze and a dull ache at the back of my head. Looking around I find myself in a large four poster bed and an immac... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

I laid awake and watched Emmerson sleep. I truly felt bad about hitting her. I could've killed her in my fit of rage. Honestly I don't ev... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

After Stella and I had a talk she mind linked me that she couldn't find Emmerson. My heart dropped as soon as those words entered my link... Read Chapter

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