The Truth About Beauty and The Beast

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter One

Submitted: September 21, 2018

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Submitted: September 21, 2018



No one ever tells you sleeping around with beautiful witches isn't a great idea. One—Seraphina—happened to fall in love with me when all I wanted was casual sex. She knew that right from the start. But women think they can just change a man in a heart beat, especially the ones—women I mean—that give out easily.

Luckily for me a girl came along to break the curse—well I hope can break the curse.

What they didn't tell you in the Disney movie was it wasn't a rose that determined my timed fate, my family and servants weren't turned to animated housewares—but statues. They were there to remind me of my "wicked" ways.

They were also slightly off about me being turned into a "Beast." I mean I guess I did turn into a beast, but not in the mystical—sprouting hair all over my body and becoming a sloppy animal—sense.

Every woman I tried to get close to would end up triggering the curse. I had to get this girl to fall in love with me before my twenty-sixth birthday, which is in three years now. Can she break the curse? Or will she be my demise?

Laying in bed with Seraphina was the biggest mistake in my life. Like BIG. We had just gotten done having a great fuck but she had to go ruin it. She opened her mouth and uttered the three words I never wanted to hear from a woman.

Turning and facing me she breathlessly said in a stupor, "I love you."

It was bound to happen we had been fucking around for almost a year now. All the other girls knew what to expect. This was supposed to be a mutual understanding, but for a while now there were signs that Serahpina was getting attached. I dropped whatever girl I had at the time usually at the slightest hint of attachment.

I ignored her and immediately got out of bed getting dressed. I was bent over the side of the bed tying my shoes when she wrapped her ivory arms around my shoulders.

Kissing my ear she asked me in a husky voice, "Where are you going?"

"Home, Seraphina." I spat out at her, lacing each syllable of her name with disdain. I could feel the anger emanating from her in waves when I said her name the way I did.

"I thought we had a good time. That we were getting close."

"Well bitch you're crazy, just plain blind, or stupid! Take your pick." I spewed out heading towards the bedroom door.

Little did I know that she would soon hex me for my "lovely" words. I kept walking towards the exit I was desperately seeking.

"You walk out that door Reuben Foster and you'll rue the day you ever caught sight of any woman." I just scoffed and continued down the stairs. Surely she wouldn't do such a heinous thing.

"Yeah right—" I was immediately cut off by her chanting some mumbo-jumbo

"The day reverse and reverse the day. Make it right and make him pay. Human by day and beast by night. Surely to give any woman a fright. Upon his loves all shall perish, unless he finds someone to cherish. Undying love can break the curse, if not he'll be in a hearse." Turning her finger and plucking out a knife—from where I don't know—she pierced her palm.

Walking over to me she forcefully grabbed my hand. I tried to break free of her grip but she was surprisingly strong. Squeezing the bloody palm she dripped three droplets of blood into my hand. Searing erupted all over my body, feeling like tiny pinpricks everywhere. My blood felt as if it was boiling.

Something was wrong, my body changing. Every bone in my body broke and cracked over and over again. Morphing me into a hideous and murderous beast. My front canines elongated and I had an unfamiliar craving—blood. I needed blood, I wanted blood. The raw essence of life and souls.

My skin retained my usual sun-kissed color, but had a faint pallor to it. My eye site was heightened as well as my other senses and emotions. Lunging forward—my nails elongated into sharp dagger-like claws—I aimed for Seraphina's throat, but was surprised when I was thrown back from an invisible force field.

Cackling Seraphina threw her head back and spew blackened words my way. "You sad, sad fool. Do you not know how any of this works—how magick, black magick works?"

Grunting in extreme pain I gain an upright position. "What was that?" I asked clutching at my ribs.

"You can't hurt a witch once she's casted a hex on you. Until you break the curse you can't lay not one sexy little finger on me. Shielding sure does come in handy, don't you agree?"

"What did you do to me?" I asked anger emitted in my glare.

"Well you wronged me and many, many other women. I thought it time you pay penance for your actions. I made your inner 'Beast,' shall we call it emerge from within. The spell I casted should be engraved in that thick skill of yours as part of the torture."

Growling, yes growling I stand to my full height. Walking over to the vexing witch I inquire the rest of my punishment.

"Oh you'll find out soon my Prince, you'll find out soon. I will however, tell you some key things now. For one-hundred and fifty years you shall stay in the form you are now. Not gaining in age, no graying, no weakness. You shall be shunned, banished from your kingdom, from all human contact. People will be afraid of you.

Women will shy away from you in fear and babies will cry. You'll maintain your beauty, but they will still find you horrendous. I will however allow you house servants and maids—for you will never go into town.

The spell I casted shall help you figure out the riddle. Upon your twenty-sixth birth year, if you have not found true—undying—love you will die. Your loved ones as well have suffered due to you. Turned to stone they'll be placed in your garden. Forced to see them every day frozen with fear etched in their eyes."

Finally she finished her grueling speech. But somewhere in the middle I had dropped to my knees. What have I done? My family, little Emily. Roaringout in anger I claw at my face.

"Oh and two more answers to questions of yours. You asked what you are now. You're a night-walker, a vampyre, if you so choose to call yourself that. You'll need blood to survive also. But don't worry you have no weaknesses—well none of the clichéd ones atleast. Also, after the century and a half is up you will start again aging normally. One last thing, your maids will have to bring you women to feed from. I have casted another spell on the woman you are to make fall in love with you—you'll know her immediately as well."

Storming past the retched witch I somehow find my way stumbling back to my palace. My stomach retches from the sickening misfortune I have brought upon myself. My little innocent sister is casted into stone. All because some hag confessed her unrequited love to me.

Throwing open the front door I barge into my home. It's a large palace located in Eden. It houses twelve large bedrooms, fifteen housing quarters, twenty-two bathrooms, five lounging rooms, a fully stocked kitchen, and a rooftop garden.

There on my way to search for my family frantically do I remember what Seraph– I can't think or speak her name without bile rising in the back of my throat. But I remember what the foul fiend has said about my family being turned to stone and place in my backyard garden.

Right where she said they'd be—they are. Standing frozen with fear etched across their features. Rushing toward the outdoor garden I halt first coming across the beautiful face of my Mother. Clasping her outstretched hand I kiss the cold stone, tears flowing from my eyes. Scarlet stains my tan pallid skin and marring my Mothers marbled palm.

Frantically I search for the others: Father, Lillian(my older sister), her husband, Michael (my older brother), and finally the sweet angel herself—Emily. Before she had been frozen a lonesome tear streaked down her tawny round cheeks. The tear was not at all marble but a sapphire. Emily was no older than four, a small petite little thing.

Seeing her like this I furiously stormed into the house. I smashed everything in my wake out of anger and sadness. I felt horrible about losing my family, all because I couldn't keep the measly snake between my legs in my pants. In my fit of anger I broke my knuckles and smashed the bones under my skin into splinters.

It wasn't long though until I realized that my hand healed itself. It infuriated me I was hoping the searing pain of a broken hand would distract me from the pain of a broken heart. Hearing a noise from somewhere within the house snapped me out of my reverie. Looking through every room upstairs I started to check the ones downstairs. Finally finding the culprit of the mysterious sound in the kitchen.

"Hello young Master I was coming to inform you that Mistress Seraphina request my services for you—along with other staff." A man with an unhealthy pallor addressed me.

"What so now you're to be her spies too? Torment me till I try to commit suicide?" I asked in hysterics.

A slight frown tainted the mans lips as well as a furrow between his brows. Before answering he clasped his hands behind his back and resumed an impassive composure. "No young Master we have been hired solely for your benefit, not your harm."

Cooling down a bit I ask him his name and where the other staff is currently.

"You may call me Hamilton Master, if you please. As for the others they are down in the washroom beckoning to the Manor's chores." He replies with a slightly strained smile. Not caring about anything else I started to head up to my room. Pausing midway up the stairs I turn to Hamilton.

"Can you have one of the maids fetch me dinner I'm quite starving. Oh and have them move all my belongings to the west quarters. I want the eastern quarters locked away. No one but five designated maids are to touch anything in there except to dust."

"Yes, very well Sir. As for dinner I shall have the cook have it done in about a hour or so. Shall I come get you when it's ready?" Hamilton asked his hands still propped behind his back.

"Yes, very well." With that I stormed off to my office.



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