The Truth About Beauty and The Beast

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter Two

Submitted: September 21, 2018

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Submitted: September 21, 2018




A gentle knock awhile later awoke my from my light slumber. Walking, well running—still not used to the superhuman speed—I open the door. Finding a Rosie-cheeked plump elderly woman holding a silver tray with a wine glass with an open wine bottle.

" 'ello Deary, where would ye like me to set it up?" She asked primly.

"Just set up over there on the lounge table." When is dinner going to be ready?

Making my way to the couch positioned behind the lounging table I watch the elderly woman pour the drink. It didn't look like regular red wine, it seemed more viscous.

"What is that—?"  I paused not know her name.

"Stella. It's yer dinner Sir." She states matter of factly.

"How is a-a glass of spirit dinner?" I asked waving my hands around and pointing towards the glass.

"Oh dear. Oh dear, dear, dear," She mumbled putting the cork back in the bottle. ", ye are a Night-walker right? Well sure ye are. This a'int no regular spirits, no Sir! It's mixed with the blood ye been craving."

"Blood?" I ask in sheer horror.

"Yes blood. We'd figure ya' like it better than killin' the poor girly yourself. Especially given this is ya' first feeding and everything." She gave a small smirk before heading back to which she came.

"Wait I'm not drinking th—" before I could finish she interrupted me.

"Ye listen 'ere ye best be drinking that or face the consequences. Ye 'ave no choice, it's either mixing the blood in with 'uman food or ya' starve and go on a murdering spree due to bloodlust." Having the final say she shut the door and walked down the corridor.

Lifting the glass to my nose I sniffed the contents before taking a wary sip. My senses went into overdrive in pure ecstasy. The sweet semi-warm liquid flowed down my throat like silk. That night I finished the whole bottle and managed to get drunk.


I awoke to light streaming in from the window opposite me. Dribble crusted to the corner of my mouth and a slight pang of pain echoing through my skull. Slowly inching my body in a sitting position I drag my hand down my face.

Realization of last night dawned on me. Feeling as if thousands of hornets, wasps, and bees stinging me as each memory resurfaced. All it took was one—one slightly difficult memory before I snapped.

Pacing back and forth in my study—clenching and unclenching my hands—I feel my anger build. After a while pacing has no effect on me and my anger and pity has reached boiling point. I smash every ounce of liquor against the wall, punching anything and everything in sight. I throw the desk with very thing on it also against the wall and watch as it shatters to thousands of tiny splinters.

Just then the door to the study opens, "GET OUT!!" I yell growling and approaching the maid. Before I fully get to the door it slams and I hear pattering footsteps going down the hall.

After my fit I storm off to my new living quarters. Ripping off my clothes I sit there naked on my bed. I gathers up a bath and some clothes and storm off to my private restroom.

Trying to rub the retched filth of that-that Witch off, I nearly rub off all the skin. Too caught up in my disgust with myself to care about the temporary pain. I scrub and scrub for hours watching clumps of skin and blood splatter and drop into the now freezing water. My blood staining what's left of my skin.

Finally the cold seeps into my bones causing harsh shivers to wrack my body. Hamilton comes in to check on me, but I immediately throw him out. I don't want a living soul to see me as I am now.

Broken and tortured.

You did this to yourself quit wallowing in pity like trash. You have no one to blame but yourself. Get out of this damn tub and start acting like a man and take your punishment.

Rising from the large garden tub I grab a towel and wrap it around my lower region. Walking over to the tiny lounge stool I pick my clothes up and start to dress.

Finishing dressing I go back downstairs. Searching for Hamilton I come across the stout maid—Stella.

Slightly curtsying she asks, "What can I do for ye, Sir?"

I'm beginning to tell her. "I'm looking—" for Hamilton. I don't know what just happened but I know for sure I didn't speak the last half of the sentence.

"Ah good Sir, ye learned to use the mind link." A familiar voice enters my head.

"Stella, is that you? What is a mind link?" I ask in shear shock.

"Yes young Master. A mind link allows ye to talk to the staff and any of yer kind. The staff are also among the Night-walkers."

"Even Hamilton?" I ask in surprise.

"Yes even 'amilton. 'e's also my mate. Oh to answer your question 'e's in the garden tending to your family." At the sound of that I rush to the backyard, but then realize what she means.

At the moment Hamilton is cleaning my sister's husband.

Carefully tending to him as if he was made of glass instead of stone.

"Oh, hello Sir!," He said quite happily. ", Sorry about earlier, the poor girl was afraid and thought you were hurt."

"It's alright, just don't let it happen again. I only want you or Stella to come to me no one else. As for the daily cleaning of the statues I would greatly love to do that myself. They are family and it is a very personal thing."

"As you wish young Master. Stella told me you figured out how to use the link." He said moving on to Emily.

"Yes, yes. It's quite peculiar but nonetheless useful. Oh as for dinner last night, would you have the cook mix the blood into food. I seemed to get quite incapacitated getting my fix through spirits."

"Yes Sir. Will that be all." He asked turning to me with a polishing rag in his hand.

"Yes thank you. Have Stella bring my dinner to my around half past seven." I said turning back to head inside.

From that day on I stayed to myself. I grew more cruel and inhumane. I still slept around with the women I gained nourishment from too.I also washed and polished my family myself, as well as take my fix of blood within normal human food sometimes...


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