Chapter 3: Chapter Three

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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"Lorin I told you I don't want to go. I got midterms coming up!"

"Oh shut the fuck up! You're going and that's final." She said throwing a floral top on over her skinny jeans and throwing on some Doc Martins.

Lorin and I have been best friends since our freshman year in High School. We thought it'd be cool to apply to the same college. Thankfully we both got in so now we attend East Eden University.

"Seriously all you have in here are: dresses, rompers, cute floral tops, tank tops, shorts, skirts, jeggings, and leggings. Absolute no jeans! What is wrong with you?" I just rolled my eyes and went back to highlighting my notes.

What can I say, I don't particularly like jeans. Siting atop my bed in yoga pants and a baggy shirt I kept glancing back and forth between the book and Lorin. She wanted me to go clubbing with her.

I'm not really the clubbing type. I'm more of an introvert where Lorin is a full blown extrovert. She likes to go through boys like candy whereas I've never had one(a boyfriend). In every way I'm pure. Every once in awhile I do drink but I really don't care for it much, unless it's something fruity. Finally, I get tired of her giving me the death stare and I give in.

"You have nothing club worthy! You can't wear a dress 'cause guys will stick their nasty rotten hands all over you." Huffing she throws high waisted shorts at me along with a short sleeve crop top.

"I'm am NOT wearing this!" I all but scream at her.

"Just put it on you dirty hoebag."

"Fine but you owe me big time for this." I say rolling my emerald eyes at her.

I do my make-up, not too heavy but noticeable. Then Lorin fishtail braids my hair. Heading out the door I grab the dorm keys, my cell, and my wallet.


Over the years the pain and sorrow only got worse. Taking my anger out on many innocent people. To fill my ache I took my blood myself, not bothering to lace it with food anymore. I also tasted each of my victims blood hoping to find her, the one supposedly able to break my curse. I never killed outright but over a lapse of time. I still couldn't leave my home so I had the maids fetch my food for me. We normally kept them in the basement for a week before they grew too weak and I'd finally finish them off.

"P-please d-don't k-kill m-m-me?" Cried the pallid brunette beauty in front of me.

"Tut, tut, tut. You know I can't do that." I looked down with a malicious grin etched on my face. "You've seen too much, lovely, but thank you for your services."

Tears stained the poor creatures face. I always took pleasure in playing with my food. I like to think they already knew—no matter how much they pleaded—they weren't going to escape their ever approaching death. Stella hated hearing their final screams.

Sinking my fangs into the main artery in her neck I sucked. The warm liquid which I craved cascaded down my throat. I could feel the very essence of her life ebbing away, but I never stopped. This young beauty not only fed me but also fed my sexual desires as well—all of them did.

"Stella tell Hamilton to have a maid come dispose of this body. Also I need a new girl, she barely had any blood left and I'm starving." I mind linked Stella. Never once in the century and few decades did I ever talk to anyone other than her or Hamilton.

"Okay. At least the poor child didn't scream like most did. Hamilton will be right up as well."

Over the years many things changed, such as women. I had to grow accustomed to them which was very hard. Heading over to my desk I sat down and wiped the blood—from around my mouth—away. I may be an animal but I didn't like looking that way for longer than I had to. There wasn't much I could do anymore, so I was always doing one of five things: reading, feeding, fucking, sleeping, or visiting my—now stone—family. I didn't want to do anything so I went to my room and tried to sleep until Stella brought me up my new food source.


"It's so loud!!" I all but screamed at Lorin's back. I doubt she heard me I could barely hear my own thoughts.

Turning around Lorin spoke, "What the fuck else do you expect? It's a night club for Pete's sake Emmerson!"

I just rolled my eyes at her and let her drag me through the crowd. She ended up leading us over to a booth in a dark corner of the club. We were meeting up Sean (her for now boyfriend), Jenny (a girl from one of Lorin's classes), Mayson (a guy friend of mine *wink* *wink*), and Lizzie (another friend of mine). I figured if I was going out I'd like to be around some people I liked.

It wasn't long before the rest of the gang showed up. Mayson came up and hugged me tight before turning and greeting everyone else. I kind of knew Mayson liked me, but I never knew how to approach it. I mean yeah, sure, he's drop dead hot but I've never had any experience in the boy department. Lorin told me to invite him out with us so we could as she says "spark our budding romance."

After a few sex on the beach's I loosened up. Everyone ended up pairing off while I was left in the booth to watch purses and shit. I didn't quite mind, but it kind hurt how everyone designated me as the person to stay back and have no fun.

Finally I had enough of this shit and went to go dance. Looking for Mayson I found him sucking face with Jenny. Gasping I dropped the Screwdriver and watched as the glass shattered on the dance floor. Turning around not waiting for a response I ran out of the club entrance.

I felt someone following me and halted. Just then Mayson gripped my arm. I tried to pull away and walk out the door but his grip was firm.

"Em wai-" Mayson said.

"Don't 'Em' me. I thought you liked me... God I'm such a fool!" I said ripping my arm out if his grasp and walked outside.

I walked into the side parking lot and rested my back against the brick wall. Running my hands down my face I tried to stop the tears. When I opened my eyes again I found Mayson looking down at me.

"Emmerson, please let me explain!" He said. I rolled my eyes and turned my face away before he could see the lone tear slip.

"No! It was pretty clear no need to explain." I huffed out trying to hide the sharp intakes of breaths from my tears. "Just go back inside and leave me alone. I'm leaving." I said.

He just sighed and headed back around the corner to the entrance of the club. Taking my phone out I decided to text Lorin to tell her I'm leaving.

Me[11:43 p.m.]: I'm leaving get a ride home with Sean.

Lorin[11:46 p.m.]: why? What's wrong? :(

Me [11:47]: ask that skank friend if yours Jenny.

Slipping my phone back into my clutch I headed towards my car. I opened the bag up looking for my keys when I felt a sharp pain on the back of my head. The last thing I saw before I blacked out was some really pale girl standing over me.


Not being able to sleep I got up and went to my personal library. I didn't have many "technologies" in my home—but bare necessities—things like cable and internet. If I was to be honest I didn't care much for television.

I always preferred books and such, but Stella always nagged me to try out some of the new things. Giving in I had her and Hamilton install cable and internet and buy the best computers and t.v.'s.

Walking over to a shelf I pull down a book of Emerson's called Nature. I always enjoyed a good read. Normally I prefer a good British Classic, but I settled on an America one instead. Taking the book I slipped into a comfy chair and opened an original copy. I believe my Father got me it as a present. My collection of books have grown over the years. I read for a couple hours before I'm interrupted by mind link.

"Sir, your food is here." Hamilton speaks.

"Send her up to my room and have her stripped and ready!" I boom in a authoritative voice over the link.

"Yes, very well Sir." Is all I get before I close off the link.

Ascending the stairs at breakneck speed I enter my quarters. On the bed lies a very beautiful girl. She looks to be no older than twenty-one or twenty-two. Her creamy ivory lids are closed and free strands of light brown hair covers her right eyebrow. She has a Cupid's bow and her lips are a rosy color.

It's takes all my strength not to ravish her luscious curves here and now. Approaching the bed I order everyone out. I gently sit on the edge of the bed and tuck the loose strands behind her ear. Leaning down to the curve of her neck I inhale her refreshing scent of roses and lavender.

Trailing my lips over her main artery I bite. For some odd reason I don't want to hurt her. Tasting her sweet life essence I swallow and instantly I know. It's her. Freaking out, I mind link Stella and Hamilton.

"It's her. Stella, Hamilton it's her. The girl to break my curse."

"Are you sure Sir?" Hamilton asked not believing it either.

"Oh ye' must be so 'appy Deary!" Chimes Stella through the link.

"Both of you meet me in my study NOW!" I order the both of them.




Submitted: September 21, 2018

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