The Truth About Beauty and The Beast

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter Four

Submitted: September 21, 2018

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Submitted: September 21, 2018



I wake up to a chilly breeze and a dull ache at the back of my head. Looking around I find myself in a large four poster bed and an immaculate room. Getting up I feel a rush of cold air hit my body and that's when I notice I'm naked. Butt ass naked! I scream and run to the bathroom locking the door. Walking over to the toilet I pass a mirror and see two tiny bite marks on my pale neck. Touching them gently I wince and pull my tiny fingers away. I'm taken out of my stupor when I hear loud banging outside the door.

"Go away! Leave me the fuck alone you rapist!" I scream. Oh God please let me still be a virgin.

"OPEN THIS DOOR NOW!" A male voice booms from the other side.

I refuse to open the damn door not only because I'm stark naked, but also because I'm terrified of the mans voice.

"Master calm down you're frightening the poor girl, I can practically smell the fear radiating off 'er body. Ye need to calm down." Comes a muffled female voice from outside too.

"NO! She's in my house and she'll do as I say!" The voice boomed again.

Cowering away in the corner I hide myself. Trying to cover myself as best I can. I wrap my arms around my body and pull my legs up to my chest. The next thing I hear is a loud crash and the door being flung across the room almost hitting me.

"I know you're in the corner I can hear your whimpering and smell you!" The man yelled out again. "Come out now!"

"No! You'll hurt me like you did in the parking lot, I'm not stupid!" I screamed back at the beast of a man.

I hear footsteps come closer and closer to where I am. Suddenly the patter of feet stop looking up I see a huge man staring down at me with red corneas. He reaches out his hand and I flinch away. I can tell this angers him deeply and regret it almost immediately.


I was only down in the office for fifteen minutes, before I heard the most horrendous scream ever.

I ran back up as quick as I could. The beauty that was on the bed was gone. Hearing a gasp from the bathroom I immediately start banging on the door.

I hear a faint reply before the answer she's given me triggers my infamous anger. Banging on the door again I force her to open the damn door, but once again she refuses to comply. Just then I hear Stella's unmistakable voice.

"Master calm down you're frightening the poor girl, I can practically smell the fear radiating off her body. Ye need to calm down" she says to my back. I growl and I hear another whimper from the other side of the door.

I put Stella back in her place and turn my attention back to the matter at hand. As calmly as I can I try to get her to open the door, but again she refuses.

Finally I've had it and I all but kick the damn door down. It goes flying and smashes against the opposite wall. All of a sudden the scent of urine fills my nostrils. I know she's cowering away in the corner by the toilet.

I tell her to come out but she refuses to do that as well. Taking matters into my own hands I make my way over to where she's hiding. I reach out my hand to help her up but she flinches away. This pisses me off severely and I draw back my hand and punch her in her face in my bout of anger.

Hearing a sickening crunch I look down at the girl before me. She's oozing blood from the corner of her mouth. Stella comes to grab me and pulls me away from the girl.

"W-what 'ave ye done! Reuben ye could've killed the poor child." She gasped out in horror.

"I-I don't know." I said looking down at my blood stained knuckles. You idiot you could've killed the one girl to set you and your family free. Never mind that she's also your soul mate. You'll never get her to fall for you now! My inner beast growls at me.

Right then I run out the room leaving Stella with the Beauty. I head out to my office and barricade myself in.


I soon came to regret my actions when the man landed a blow to my jaw. I barely had time to register the pain before deafening darkness welcomed me. After a while of nothing I could feel my body being lifted up. Opening my eyes that felt like weights I was greeted by the sight of an elderly woman.

"Are ye ookay Deary?" She asked. I just lifted my hand to my jaw and traced my fingers down to my lips. "That was a nasty blow. You're lucky he didn't break yer jaw!"

Looking down at my fingers I saw a faint trickle of blood. Emmerson why'd you have to go and flinch away from the monster? My consciousness asked me. Looking down. I realized I was back in clothes.

"Who... Who dressed me?" I asked my voice all scratchy.

"Oh it 'twas me my Dear!" She replied in a jolly voice. Thank God.

"Thank you." I said looking down at my hands.

"You're quite welcome Sweetie," there was an uncomfortable silence before she spoke again, "the master, well he-he's not normally like that."

"I highly doubt that. It takes someone with experience to hit a woman like he hit me." I said in a whisper looking down at my hands. I should know 'cause my own "Father" beat me.

Finally she spoke again. "Well if ye want to freshen up there's towels in the cabinet to yer left when ye go into the washroom." I thanked her and left to do my business.

I wondered how long I was out for because the door—or a rather new one—was back on the hinges. I was glad it was back there though 'cause I doubt I'd be taking a shower if it wasn't there. I noticed fully that I was in men's clothing—a huge baggy shirt and workout shorts.

Remembering I peed on myself I blushed and shucked the clothes off. Turning on the shower I let it heat up before jumping in.

There were only men's shampoo and body wash so I just used those. Getting out when I was finished I put the clothes I had on before back on. I looked for a comb and brushed my hair before putting it back up. Opening the bathroom door I came face-to-face with the man who punched me in my jaw.

"I just want—" before he could finish I slammed the door in his face.

"Leave me alone! Y-you hit me and knocked me out!" I scream-cried from my side of the door.

"I-I know and I'm really sorry about that." He bellowed from the other side of the door sighing.

"Y-you're n-not s-s-sorry. Men l-like you a-are n-n-never s-sorry." I cried.

"I truly am! Please come out." He spoke softly.

"Why should I?" I said taking in large gulps of air.

"Look—" He broke off saying.

"My name is Emmerson." I said hiccuping.

"Like the writer?" He asked laughing.

"Yeah but with two 'm's instead of one." I responded.

"Well my name is Reuben. I truly am sorry about how I acted earlier. Will you please come out?" He asked in a deep soothing voice.

"Only if you promise not to hurt me." I said cracking open the door.

As soon as I opened the door I saw the pain and hurt in his eyes. They were no longer blood red but a soothing shamrock green mixed with an emerald green color.

Opening the door wider I stepped out the spacious room. Taking my jaw in his large hands he turned my face right and then left. He winced when he saw the right corner of my bottom lip swollen.

"I did that?!" He asked in surprised horror.

Looking down at my bare feet I responded with, "Yeah and it hurt like a bitch!"

"WATCH YOUR MOUTH!!" Reuben boomed and I flinched away.

"Sorry please don't hit me." I pleaded back away from his grip.

"I'm not go get into bed!" He bit out.

"O-okay. You're not sleeping with me are you?" I asked hoping he would say "no."

"Of course it's my room it only seems fair." He gruffs out.

"Well can I sleep in another room?" I say looking down trying to hide my blush.

"No, none of the other rooms are prepared and I'm not sleeping on a couch." Reuben says looking at me through his thick black lashes. "Now get in bed or else."

I begrudgingly comply with what he says. I don't want to find out what that "or else" is. Scooting as far away from him as I can I close my eyes and drift off to a dreamless sleep.


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