Ode to the Flames

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This is a poem created for my R.O.S.E series.

Submitted: September 21, 2018

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Submitted: September 21, 2018




There’s a rose, a flame,

And many that have dealt with undeserved blame

A queen that many would call a witch,

And a black cat made from the abyss.

Torn on the inside and out

Hiding in her shadow, covered by self-doubt


The witch has seen the worst

Making the memories hurt more

The harm to oneself, and her harm to others

Only makes the demons even stronger.


Many have their demons that they don’t want people to see

That may be true, even for me

But I’m a demon on the outside

Setting Tochi free

Saving this world from the higher powers that be


The plan has been set

Already in motion

I just sit back in full devotion


The Ode to the Flame

Is what I call this game

When the enemy has everything to lose

and nothing to gain


I’ll watch the fire burn out and smile gladly

Because the fire is nonexistent

Just a ruse from the power

To cling on to the hope that many squandered


Back to the flame bright and yellow

But many know a flame is meant to mellow

Haunted without a past with a true guardian

I watch over her planning to make her a felon


The rose feels alone abandoned by all

By the loss of many

Making her feel quite small

She cries in the dark hoping no one will see

Trying to be the leader that they told it to be

the rose will wilt under the stress that was put on thee

And the petal will soon begin to flee


The saviors of this world

Will all go down with the rose

Under the flames and in the abyss

The higher power will go down too

And this sight is one I wouldn’t want to miss


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