Haunted House?

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a house believed haunted was not so haunted at all..

Submitted: September 21, 2018

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Submitted: September 21, 2018



"Hey  Zad...you  know  about  the  house..?"  Aly suddenly  asked  whilst we were  fishing  atthe river  not far from  our  house.
"What  house..?"  I wondered.
"Oh..that house  near  the hill  besides  the  forest..the  empty  house..you know?" Aly's  mind  was  not  on  the fishing-line.
"You mean that  house  they  said  was haunted?"
"Yes...that's  the  one...many  people  saw  a  figure  when  they passedby it  in the night.." Aly  explained to  me  about the house.
"A figure..a  ghost  you mean?"  I  began  to  get  interested  in this ghostly  story  from  Aly. I  loved  to  investigate and  find  out things whenever  people  spoke  about it. Be it ghost or  misteries  or aliens  or whatever strange stories  that I heard  of.
"Yes..a ghost..they say  it's the ghost  of the former  owner of the house...he disappeared  mysteriously  some years ago..and they  said  he  died  in  an accident..and his ghost came back.." Aly  looked behind  him when he talked.
"You  believed that?" I asked.
"Of course I believed...many people saw  the figure...and  avoid that road  leading  to the house during the night....I too shunned that road.." Aly  spoke  in a half-whispering tone. Again he looked back as if someone was watching him.
"It's only a figure.and maybe not a ghost...maybe some vagabond  who preferred to stay there rather than sleeping on the  street..or maybe a drug addict having his high there..who knows...."I said calmly. Aly looked  at meweirdly.
"So  you don't  believe  in ghost do you?" Aly questioned  me.
"I believe.....  but...until I saw  it  with  my own  eyes.." I said calmly.
"But many people saw it....it's  the talking  point now..."Aly  replied as if forcing me  to  believe  what other people  had  said.
"Is it?..oh..that's  interesting.." I frowned.
"It's  up to you..whether  you  believe or  not..but..I have warned you..there's a ghost there" Aly  looked disgruntled.
"Okay then..I offer you a challenge..let's say we  go there and  find out..let's  see  if there's a ghost  lurking somewhere  in that house..you accept?" I  held  out  my  right hand  to  Aly. He  hesitated  to shake  my hand.
"You crazy or what?..if there's  a  real ghost there then how?" Aly looked irritated.
"Then I believe you..believe what the people said..and I will avoid that house in the future.."I smiled. Finally heshook my hand.
"Now let's  go home..I think there's  not much bite here anyway..but tomorrow  night...fifteen minutes  before midnight..meet me at the coffee-shop at the  junction  there.....you can bring along anyone interested..who is not afraid of ghost  of course....and  be  sure to  bring your own torchlight..." we then packed our fishing-gears and walked  back  home.
The  next day...fifteen minutes  before midnight and still  no sign of Aly. I wondered  if he's afraid and had changed  his mind. I was ready with a torchlight and camera  to record, just in case we did see a ghost. 
At last Aly appeared with two other guys  with him.
"Sorry  Zad..a bit late myself...and let me introduce you to uncle Don and his son 
Haq...they're the only ones  willing to follow us.." I shook hands with both of them. I remembered uncle Don who used to be a paranormal. Maybe he can  also prove something in that house. It's  good that Aly brought him along.
"Uncle  Don..you're a  paranormal  right?" I asked without hesitation.
"Oh..I stopped being one..it's a hard work  dealing with spirits and ghostly apparitions..I nearly died doing that.." he showed me a black mark around his neck.
"Nearly died ?..what happened?"I looked at  the mark and it was a blackish-blue  mark as if something strong had hit him.
"One day I went to visit a girl who was possessed and during the irituals..she lunged at me and hit me hard  on the neck...and then she tried to strangle  me until I was breathless..luckily my son pulled her away..iI thought she was possessed by the devil and too strong for me.." uncle Don stuttered when he talked  about  the girl.
"Then what happened to the girl then?"
"Poor girl..she was put in a mental-instituition..they said she was not possessed but was mentally-deranged..then after that incident I can't  even  trust myself..so I just gave up..then when Aly approached me about the house.. so I  said why not ?"
"Do you believe there's  a ghost in that house  uncle?" I  looked at uncle Don straight in the eye.
"Maybe...but  we have to prove that he really exist in that house.." uncle Don sneered.
Aly and Haq were quiet all  the way. They just listened to our conversations. 
We were nearly there. The night  was  not so dark. The moon was bright and we could  see it's reflection from the river a distance  away from us. Sounds of crickets and frogs  decorated the night. The leaves  slowly rustled from the rythmn  of the blowing breeze. It was a cold  breeze and  it  made me  chilled.
"There's the house.."  Aly pointed to a big  house  not far from where we stood.
"Woh..it's a mansion..quite a big house for a ghost.." I muttered.
"It  looked eerie  to me...let's  moved nearer.."uncle  Don  signalled us to follow him. Aly was a bit reluctant but after some persuasion, he followed behind looking at his back and shining his  torchlight at every corners of the forested areas.
"Do  we have to enter that house Zed?...why don't we just observe  from where we are.." Aly refused to move further.
"From here?..it's  absurd...how can you see a ghost from here?..we have to look inside..so when he appears  I can record him with my camera"  I was disappointed  with Aly.
"Correct..we have to go inside that house..don't  worry ..I have some  holy-verses  to chant..it will protect us from any ghost or spirits..." uncle Don said  confidently.
"Let's  go Aly..come  on..be  a  man..." I  pulled his arm hard.
"Oww...you're hurting me Zad...okay...I'll follow you....just walk.." at last Aly  obliged.
So  we slowly  walked towards  the  house.  When we reached the balcony, I  prepared  my  video-camera  for  a  recording in case  the ghost appeared  suddenly. The  door was  closed  and  we  carefully  pushed  it  open. I  shoned  my  torchlight   inside.  There  was  a  staircase  leading  to the upper-floor. The  house looked creepy  enough  but It  was  really empty as we found  no  furniture or other  things anywhere  in the  house. Did someone removed  them?
"Zad..I had this  uneasy  feeling  in my stomache..I guess  we better  leave.." Aly whispered  to  me.
"We're  already  inside the house..and nothing's happened  right?..our ghost is  nowhere  to be found...relax...just follow  us.."  The  house  was  clearly brightened  by our torchlights. 
Then  my eyes caught a small  yellow  light flickering from the  second floor. 
"Look..look Zad..there's  a shadow  moving.." Aly was trembling and pointed towards  a shadowy figure . Then it disappeared. The light was still there and  looked like a candle-light  by the way it flickered.
We decided to  go upstairs to check.  We took  the staircase and  I quickly  switched  on my video-camera  ready.
We heard a  coughing  sound. We  looked at each  other. Aly was  holding  my arm  tightly. I  could  feel his  body trembled .
"Ghost don't cough.." I  said softly to uncle Don. 
"  Let's go take a look at this ghost  anyway.." uncle Don suggested.
The shadow  moved again. I  quickly  ran towards  it  to record  what we will  see.
The cough was heard again. We  shone our torchlights towards the sound.
What we saw  surprised  us. There  sat a ragged  old man. He panicked when he saw us and tried to run  away. 
"Dont rob me..I got nothing..I swear I'm just a poor man..I got no money..please spare me.." he was begging on his knees. 
"So  you're the ghost...relax old man..we mean no harm..we  just wanted to catch a ghost..er..is there a ghost here?..and why are you  here?" uncle Don questioned him.
"There's no ghost here as far as I know..I've  been here  for  so long..and I've seen no ghost...I'm alone here..I owned this house.." the old man choked.
"But I thought the owner was dead..."I enquired.
"I'm not dead yet...I'm the rightful owner 
here...there's a terrific disagreement in this house  between me and my brothers.....  it's all about wealth..money blinded people.....brothers can become enemies because  of money..I was supposed to be the heir of this house..but because of  jealousies between my brothers..I was driven out of the house and my money  all  taken by them..when they drove me out..I really swear  and cursed them hell...and indeed they ended with horrific deaths..I promised myself that I will come back here and  possessed  my house back in whatever condition this house will  be...so..I  took back what's mine.." the old man sobbed.
I felt  pity for him.From a wealthy man  and now  a vagabond...greed will end to nothing..that's what money  will  bring  out  the evil  in man if not  properly controlled.
""We're sorry to barge in like this...we really  are.." uncle Don patted  his shoulder.
"It's okay...tell those people out there..I'm not a ghost..so..anyone can come here and visit this house..." the old man looked at me.
'Sure..we will come back  here..we will refurbished this house for you..we'll bring you food and other necessities........"I assured  him about my intention to help him.
"Please don't bother...I'm and  old man..  I'll  be dying soon..let me die in peace here...this is my home..." he hold my hand. I just nodded.
So we left him there. But his story  will not be forgotten. I promised that I will visit him again.
"That's your ghost Aly....satisfied now..?" I got back at Aly for believing what people said.
"Don't blame me..I heard  what people said.." he answered  meekly.
"The haunted house was not so-haunted after all..let's go home..it's nearly three am in the morning.." uncle Don decided to  leave. I and Aly agreed.
When we reached the lane leading to the  main-road  we heard a howling sound  coming from the  forest  near  the house.
Four  of us looked at each other. 
"What's  that sound?...it came from the forest..."Aly looked scared.
So we decided to get away from there. Right until now I still was  mystified by the  house  and that sound we heard coming  from the forest.
Is the forest haunted  and not the house? or it's just another sign for me to investigate.. I will think about it

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