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Submitted: September 22, 2018

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Submitted: September 22, 2018



Silken strands of a mind.

You, who can fly so high,

Why choose to stay below?

Fly high,

Don’t ever stop,

Fly higher than you thought.

Never stop upon your goal.

You, who beauty brought to this earth.

You, who in life shall ascend to greatness.

You, who Athena smiles upon.

There was a girl I used to know,

Who opened my eyes, so wide.

To the girl,

I say thank you.

To that beautiful girl, 

Thank you.


But to the memory,

That vile bitter thing.

Twisted by distance and time.

I blame you,

Perhaps it is I failing to let go.

I don’t hate you,

Nor am I angry,

If this is what you think.

How to rectify this position,

Illuminate ourselves again.

Shed the silhouetted skins of strangers.

Living in a memory is no picnic,

No warmth,

No light,

No you.


Though don’t mistake this for coy naïveté.

No more than talk,

That’s all I wish.

To forget cruel words and let time melt away.

Perhaps fun can be had,

Do you remember?

Fun and a smile,

It’s not much to ask.


What a pair we could be,

And to this I hope.

I extend the branch of olive,

From me to you.

To friends I hope we can be again.

You, the girl I won’t forget.

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