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Submitted: September 22, 2018

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Submitted: September 22, 2018



Hair of Black
Crown of Gold
Eyes of Green
And Speech of Old

A bag of cats that is your mind
The world does not understand your kind
They call you to your home but you do not belong
The voice of your blood sings a different song
The voice of treachery and of deceit
These are the things that move your feet
You wish to rule but you have no land  
You call upon other forces to guide your hand

Were you ever content with the life that you had
A brother that loved you and a father who was glad
To have you as his son, to call you his own
Why did you try to take his throne
We’ll never understand these things of human dread
That mind if yours, what’s in your head
 I’ll lay my questions down to rest
Though there is one more that is by far the best
Yes, yes, just one question more
If you are the villain
Why do I like you more than Thor?

© Copyright 2019 Natashia Swartz. All rights reserved.

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