The Godfeather

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Cold

Submitted: September 14, 2019

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Submitted: September 14, 2019




Seth stirred in his sleep awakened by a sudden terrible dream that vanished before his waking eyes, a feeling of hopelessness and an overwhelming sense of dread ruffled inside him, rising slowly from his unconscious slumber he still felt an uncomfortable pounding in his head and a strange cold coming from his arm he stared down at his birthmark and recoiled suddenly as he recalled the lake side and the sphere of water that floated in front of him.

He rubbed his wrist with intensity as he pulled himself from the bed.

What happened at the lake, how did it happen, was he cursed possibly by the witch Hazel and if he was, what did she do to him, what would happen next and that howl that ungodly cry of hunger and hunt that he heard before the sphere exploded what was the beast that made such a noise.

The questions floated and collided strenuously in his mind till atlas he felt squeezed and sick to his stomach suddenly Father Grey appeared in the doorway, his face lit up at the sight of Seth.

“Bless me my boy your awake, it’s been days, thank god” he said as he hugged Seth hard which didn’t help Seth stomach in the least.

Father Grey let his grip go “O goodness you must be starving…come” he said as he slowly lifted Seth from the bed and walked him towards the kitchen.

Seth walked slowly as his head pounded fiercely, Father Grey set Seth down at the table and poured him a bowl of hot chunky soup and sliced a few pieces of cheese and bread.

Seth slowly ate, reveling in the warmth that came from the soup in this cold kitchenette.

Father Grey inspected Seth’s head wound as he continued to eat.

After a few bites Father Grey sat down across from him.

“Now my boy, tell me.” Father Grey said softly as Seth looked up.

“What in the world were you thinking!” Father Grey shouted suddenly and forcefully as he stood.

Seth backed up a bit and held his head.

“Suppose I didn’t come and find you, what were you doing?” Father Grey said as he paced the room looking to Seth for an answer.

“Nothing father ...I just wanted to see, that’s all “Seth replied quietly.

“And Seth, what exactly did you see...” Father Grey asked. 

Seth was about to tell Father Grey everything but held back, instead he said “All I saw was the hole as Timber had said there would be and then I  heard a noise in the woods, a howl… it frightened me and I started to run that’s when I hit the branch.”

Father Grey looked to him “And that is all” he said “nothing else happened” he inquired.

“No… nothing father” Seth said slowly.

Father Grey paced for a moment looking at Seth with a small questioning stare.

“… Right then” Father Grey replied eyeing Seth hard “Well… next time boy, use your head.” 

Seth held back a small grin as he felt a bump on his forehead, Father Grey started to break out into a smile “O you know what I mean” he said as he left the room.

Seth continued to grin as Father Grey left, but he slowly he felt the smile vanish as he looked down at his wrist and remembered the cold feeling the feeling he felt throughout his body and especially his arm.

Annoyingly his writs felt tight as if something was wrapped around it he flexed his fingers and felt his wrist grow tighter almost to the point of painful an icy feeling began to move throughout his body the same cold feeling he had at the lakeside.

Seth felt a small twinge of fear as it traveled up his body towards his throat it grasped around his neck tightly and just as he was about to call for Father Grey he felt the cold travel to his arms his birthmark began to glow with a bright blue light.

Seth stared in shock as the light grew brighter and brighter the cold feeling shot down to his hands when suddenly a flash like lightning jetted out of his wrist and froze the bowl of soup he was holding to the table he jumped quickly away dropping his spoon and knife to the floor as the color died out, he stared in disbelief as he tried to understand just… what?

He inspected his wrist and felt no pain his birthmark remained a birthmark, nothing more… he flexed his fingers not entirely certain what to do. 

“What is happening?” he thought to himself.

Seth came closer to the table and inspected the bowl the ice had frozen it directly to the table top, looking over it he tried with force to pull it free but the bowl remained, he tried to find something to chisel the ice away, he reached for the knife on the floor, but the instant he touched it the light from his wrist shot out and shook the ground fiercely freezing it in place.

“O, come on.” Seth whispered out.

Father Greys voice could be heard from the stairs making his way towards the kitchen “Seth is everything alright my boy”

“Fine father…everything is fine” Seth called out

“What’s happening in there, I felt the ground shake.” Father Grey called out 

He could hear Father Grey getting closer, what could he do?

How could he explain?

Slowly and hoping he reached out and grabbed a dishcloth from the table and with a sigh of relief it didn’t freeze in his hand he quickly tossed it over his bowl of soup as he knelt down over the knife on the floor just as the door to the kitchen opened.

“Seth?” Father Grey asked quizzically “What are you doing?”

 “O …Umm…” Seth put his hands together “Just a prayer father, thanking God for my health, and this wonderful food.” He replied back

Father Grey looked to the table “….Why is your soup covered in a rag” Father Grey questioned. 

Seth looked up at his soup and replied back slowly “….I didn’t want it to get cold?”

Father Grey raised an eyebrow “…Right…well hurry up my boy …service will begin soon,” he continued as he turned around and closed the door behind him.

Seth breathed a sigh of relief as he stood, kicking at the knife on the floor it broke free of the ice, he slowly reached down and grabbed it and thankfully it didn’t freeze again.

 He pulled himself to the table and took the dishrag from his soup, it remained frozen.

He looked down at his hands and contemplated what had happened he stared down at the frozen bowl of soup quizzically.

 He grabbed the bowl in his hands, and using all his concentration and reasoning beyond belief  thinking to himself, if he could freeze it he should be able to do something more, but nothing accrued, nothing changed, nothing happened.

He stared down at his hands he still felt the cold wrap around his wrist staring down at the table with defeat he grabbed the knife and chiseled it free from the table top, afterwards he chiseled the soup itself into bits and pieces, he lifted the bowl of soup and placed it back into the pot boiling over the small fireplace and reheated his meaty morsel.

Seth stared down at the flames and back to his hands, curiously and cautiously he reached out to the flames, the heat from the fire almost felt warm.

Slowly he reached into the fire and pulled free one of the logs, it burnt bloody red in his hand, he gripped it tight feeling nothing when suddenly a pulse of blue light jetted from his fingers and the log solidified into ice.

“Interesting…” Seth proclaimed “...very interesting.”

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