The Godfeather

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - Strength Within

Submitted: September 21, 2019

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Submitted: September 21, 2019



Strength within

Andrew rode back slowly feeling a pitiful pit pulling at his stomach; he had never been away from his father a single night he had promised him that he would always be there.

He finally arrived back at home the cabbie tipped his hat towards him as he exited and started back down the road.

The nurse Mrs. Salts grappled with empting the used bathwater and she turned as Andrew approached “Where… Have… You been?” Mrs. Salts inquired in a sharp nature. 

Andrew felt the tone of the question more than the question itself a tone of authority, slight anger and strained concern…A motherly tone.

He looked to the ground as he replied back “I went out to the bar and there was a fight, I was in jail, it was a mistake, please is father alright.” 

Mrs. Salts sighed and replied back “Yes James is fine; he’s up still sitting in his chair.” As she finished emptying the bathwater she placed the bucket into Andrews hand and gave him a look a look that said. 

You’re an idiot, but the smile at the end of her look said. A love struck idiot.

 She sighed again and rolled her eyes; she turned and headed down the path towards her home.

Andrew entered the house and looked towards his father  he sat unmoving staring at the small flickering flames in the fireplace Andrew set the bucket on the ground and stepped towards him the feeling of self-disappointment started to consume him.

“…Father?” Andrew called out hoping for any kind of response, any kind of recognition but he received none as his father still sat staring intently at the flickering flames.

Andrew sighed sadly and sat next to his father, the minutes in time passed by quickly as he watched the flames slowly crackly away, the embers burned with a red ruby color and slowly began to turn black, looking up to his father’s face Andrew softly spoke.

 “I wish I could talk with you, I wish I knew what to say or do to hear you again.”

Andrew stood slowly and approached closer “I'm sorry I wasn't here…”he spoke sadly and quietly as he stood behind his father and gently placed his hand on his shoulder.

James sat unmoving as Andrews’s eyes drifted upwards above the fireplace and there hanging dusted with slight grime a painting of him at 10 years old and his father standing happily at the steps of the old church.

Stepping forwards, Andrew looked closer at the painting.

Thoughts of his childhood from a very young age came to him and he smiled softly.

“ … I remember” he said with a hint of happiness.

“I remember your energy, searching, exploring, every cave, every tunnel and the traveling. I loved it so much the never-ending hunt for treasure, I guess it’s in are blood.” Andrew said as he took the necklace from his neck and felt the small square gemstone between his fingers; it glittered brightly as he fiddled with it.

The fireplace flame illuminated its swaying entranced and Andrew looked to it curiously, slowly James’s eyes turned towards the jewel, mesmerized.

 It dazzled in the reflective fire, glowing with a bright orange light then suddenly in a croaked whisper James spoke a single word “ … Angel.”

Andrew fell back in shock and nearly dropped to his knees he had not heard his father’s voice in many, many years.

James looked up slowly at Andrew and smiled with a small tear slowly traveling his cheek, James raised his hand with effort and pointed to the gemstone shaking slightly he replied again “ … Angel.”

Andrew quickly bent down towards his father and held the gem close as again James muttered out quietly “ ... Angel”.

“… Father” Andrew choked out as James muttered again”… Angel.”

“Father, please, do you recognize me, do you know who I am?” Andrew asked with tears.

James turned towards him, his eyes crinkled with lines of curious confusion, and then smiling joy as he replied “My boy … my son … my little Andrew.”

Andrew bent down and cried as he hugged his father close “I'm so sorry my boy. “James wept “… God I'm so sorry.”

“It’s ok … it’s alright, you’re better now. “Andrew said as he held his father close.

“Wait …Wait …” James said suddenly as he pulled Andrew to face him.

“I must tell you something … something important” he said “The necklace, the stone.” James pulled Andrew closer and whispered “Keep the angel safe, keep it ... keep it ...” James suddenly stopped his eyes twitched slightly he breathed in deeply as his speech suddenly disappeared.

“ … Father!” Andrew cried out “… Father!” tears filled his eyes as he gently shook James’s shoulder.

 “No please God … please talk to me.” but James did not, his father had once again turned stagnant, motionless; silent …

Andrew burst into tears as anger swelled in him he felt a burning sensation at the back of his neck as his birthmark began to glow with a bright green light unknown to Andrew as he turned toward the kitchen table.

 “Please … Speak to me … Speak to me!” with intense anger he pounded his fist, a sound like cannon fire filled the house as the table shattered into splinters.

Andrew stared down at his hands in shock and fear, then out of the corner of his eye he saw it, his reflection and the spiral birthmark that glowed a poison’s green.

In shock he reached for his neck, he felt dizzy and sick to his stomach, clutching his head he felt immense pain, he lost his balance and as he staggered over he managed to knock everything from the mantelpiece flower pots and paintings shattered as he spiraled down to the floor and landed with a hard knock to his head and there before the small flickering flames the darkness took him.


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