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“Burr … what a cold frightful morning, a morning to freeze me to the bone” Father Grey proclaimed as he dusted off the remaining snow from his shoes and coat. 

Seth looking up from his bible “How are you this morning Father Grey.” he inquired 

“As well as one can be on such a ...” Father Grey cleared his throat and looked over at Seth “Blessed ... day.” he said with a small smile.

Seth returned the smile “Of course Father, I have finished the scripture assigned yesterday” Seth called out.

“Good boy” replied Father Grey “You are a most blessed and diligent student of God.” he gruffed back as he struggled to undo his overcoat.

“I’m not entirely certain father.” Seth replied back quietly.

Father Grey furrowed his brow and doused his finger in holy water, grabbed a bible from the rack adjusted himself and sat down next to Seth.

“What is it boy, what is the matter, you are my number one student after all, I have never seen such dedication you are the best example of the class, though let’s keep that among us.” he said with a wink. 

Seth sighed and stared down at his hands and gently rubbed the birthmark around his wrist as he always did when he was nervous and in an instant Father Grey understood he nodded his head and stared off towards the crucifix.

“ … Bad dreams.” he said softly as he looked down at Seth. 

“ … It’s just” Seth stuttered out  “I can’t … Father, I try to live in the light of God, I pray and read scriptures daily and still I am haunted by these strange dreams, mostly just the feeling of cold ... the feeling of being frozen … and always alone. ” Seth said as he looked down at his bible.

Father Grey breathed in silently, knowing what Seth would ask next.

“Where are they Father … where are my parents?” Seth asked; quietly. 

Father Grey sighed deeply as he set the bible back into the rack.

“My boy” Father Grey proclaimed “When I found you alone, with those small innocent eyes opened to the world. I pondered and questioned the reasons why, why someone had left you here and after many years spent on this thought the answer was obvious, God has sent you to us ...Your mother and father … forgive their souls, probably believed that you could lead a better life here and tried to give you a chance that they probably could not provide” Father Grey pointed his finger at Seth.

“They loved you enough to leave you here, instead of abandoning you in the streets or god forbid the woods, once you understand the love they had to leave you at God's feet the frustration will end and the dreams will follow … rest easy child, god is with you” Father Grey said patting Seth on the back in a reassuring manner.

Seth bowed his head sadly thinking to himself as replied back slowly “… Is that what you believe Father … could it be maybe they just didn’t want me … maybe they just … didn’t care.”

Father Grey sighed again as he looked down at Seth who stared at the ground.

 “ … Seth … Father Grey replied slowly as he wrapped him in a side hug “I truly believe that you are destined for great things my boy, don’t you ever forget that you are here for a reason and I believe that reason will be … Extraordinary.”

Seth sighed quietly, still sad, but better.

 He wiped a tear and slowly smiled upwards to Father Grey. 

“There’s a good lad … now” Father Grey proclaimed as he stood slowly grunting and puffing as he held his chest and back.

Seth watched him struggle to stand up, he worried about Father Grey a lot, and the long years had begun to show, what would happen to him if one day Father Grey was gone? 

He quickly forced this question out of mind.

Father Grey continued “If you would be so kind run upstairs and grab some breakfast, afterwards ring the morning toll for class, and prayers shall begin shortly.”

“Of course father, right away” Seth said setting his bible in the pew as he headed upstairs, try as he might Seth could not shake the twinge of loneliness and the feeling that something was coming, something…Serious.

He ran his hands through his blond hair, trying to calm himself as he hurried up the last few steps, ahead stood his bedroom and to the right and down the hall Father Grey's room and the kitchen.

To the left of his room just outside his door stood a large stained glass window, the image of Saint Michael fighting Lucifer etched upon and below the image a votive rack full of half burnt candles.

As Seth passed by, he lit a candle and prayed for guidance and deliverance from bad dreams, he reached down his hand to the holy water when suddenly the bowl shook and the water shivered and glided away from his fingers.

Seth looked down astonished when suddenly the earth below him rumbled ever so slightly, he turned away when he heard Father Grey from down below call out.

“Careful with those steps my boy I felt a small tremor, don’t slip” he said as he started up the stairs. 

“Father did you see that”? Seth said looking down at the bowl, “The holy water moved away from my hand, as if it didn’t want me near it”.

Father Grey slowly paced upwards.

“Nonsense my boy, it was merely the tremor that shook not a moment ago” Father Grey replied as he huffed and walked up the steps.

“No father, it happened before the tremor… I’m sure of it” Seth replied questionably 

Father Grey made it up the last steep and looked over at the bowl, then down at Seth as he replied back slowly “The early mornings can trick the mind, especially on a day like this one … Now you must hurry, grab something to eat and if you’re craving something sweet, we still have left over cake from your birthday last week.”

“ … Yes … of course” Seth said with a small hint of sadness.

Seth had never really known his actual birthday but had instead chosen one for himself, just as he had chosen his last name. “Unsung” meaning unknown, it seemed to fit Seth just fine.

He took another look at the holy water and down at his hands, he shook his head and headed over for breakfast trying to reassure himself of the day, but things of a sinister nature were already at hand.


Submitted: July 17, 2019

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