The Godfeather

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 6 (v.1) - Witness

Submitted: July 20, 2019

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Submitted: July 20, 2019




Andrew ran toward town, Hazel at his side as he bounded down the snowy steep hills, broken twigs and slippery brown sludge caked his feet.

Hazel lay slumped in his arms still not breathing he tore down the little path towards his house all the while calling out Hazels name praying for a reply as he smashed through his front door.

“Amanda!” he screamed. 

“Amanda, come quickly!” he yelled as he placed Hazel on his bed. 

“Please … Amanda, hurry!” he screamed as he grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around Hazel.

Amanda dashed through the front door “Andrew?!” she called out.

“Andrew?” she said again in a quizzical way. 

“Here, here.” he said as Mrs. Salts looked at him “O… I’m sorry my boy, for a moment I … O never mind, what happened?”

“Hazel!” Andrew cried “Hazel fell through the ice; I don’t think she’s breathing!”

Mrs. Salts ran to Hazels side and pressed a fingers to her neck after a moment she looked up at Andrew 

“She’s alive.” she replied, “but I don’t know what other damage has been done, go… run now to doctor Rocklin bring him with haste.” 

Andrew quickly put on his shirt and ran towards town hailing a cabbie to take him to 681 Bleak street and to hurry the cabbie tore down the grimy muck filled streets and disappeared. 

Back at Andrews home James suddenly awoke his eyes lucid and very much aware Amanda had just proceeded to heat hot water in a large pot  she had seen James stir from his sleep  and came to his side all the while keeping a corner eye on Hazel

“James, are you alright?” Amanda asked.

James’s eyes drifted and opened with curious wonder he tilted his head and stared over at Hazel a look of puzzlement distorted his expression, slowly and with no help from Amanda he pulled himself upright letting his feet come to a stop on the cold floor.

He stood and walked in bewilderment, his face clammy and dewed with sweat his complexion pale as he came to Hazel’s side, deep shallow breaths echoed throughout the small room.

Staring down at Hazel his eyes drifted from her face down the length of her body and stopped with vindication at her ankle, there her small birthmark reflected with small droplets of water.

He placed his hand over her ankle and traced the outline of the dove’ed wing birthmark, Hazel sighed lightly as James placed his hand to her head and moved the curls from her face and slowly bent down and kissed her forehead Hazel breathed in deeply as James turned back to the bed passing Amanda who watched with fascination, James sat suddenly on his bed turning away and laying down on his side his eyes closed and he drifted into a deep sleep.

Amanda shook herself and went again to Hazels bedside she grabbed a cloth and dried off Hazels face and hair occasionally she glanced back towards James who did not again stand nor stir Amanda came to a calm whispering out reassurances to Hazel. 

“Hold on my dear, help is coming” she place a warm cloth to Hazels forehead Amanda looked down with curious eyes and notice something odd the cloth had become warmer in her hand, steam and smoke glided from her pressing fingers.

“My god.” she whispered out as the cloth suddenly became red hot and caught fire Amanda screamed and dropped the burning cloth on the floor it quickly died out, backing away from Hazel she crossed herself looking over at James she turned and paced out the front door she rubbed her hands nervously as she waited for Andrew and the doctor to return. 

Andrews carriage abruptly stopped at the corner of Bleak Street bolting from the carriage when it reached doctor Rocklin home he pounded at the door calling out his name the doctor answered the door.

“My boy” he said as he stepped out “I have just come from your home your father is in my opinion.”

“No doctor” Andrew said cutting him off “It’s not my father it's Hazel, she fell through the ice, please we must hurry” he said as he ran back and jumped into the cab the doctor at his side as they started down the road.

The ice covered streets and the dimness of the lantern lights cause much delay to Andrews distress.

Mrs. Salts paced back and forward waiting for them to arrive, convincing herself that what she saw was an act of her imagination although the evidence was still there lying on the floor, Mrs. Salts clamped her hands and whispered out small prayers she turned to look at Hazel lying on the bed her frozen wet red curls no longer even damp her completion was aglow strangely enough she seemed more alive than ever before.

Mrs. Salts starred in curiousness as Hazel glowed evermore a quick blink of an eye and Hazel radiated a bright orange light that pulsed ever so suddenly blighting the room for an instant and diminishing suddenly.

Mrs. Salts screamed and held her hand to her mouth she slammed the door shut to Andrews’s home “dear god” she thought “It must be my imagination… My God” Amanda said over and over “My imagination nothing more, nothing more.” she repeated over and over as she  sat quivering holding herself as she wept in the cold October frost. 

Andrew and doctor Rocklin came to a sudden halt as they finally arrived at Mr. Abrams residence Andrew bolted quickly from the carriage the doctor at his tail.

“Amanda”!? Andrew cried out “How is she, what happened”? 

Amanda tried to speak she stood and trembled at Andrew “I’m not sure Andrew I just … I can’t  ...she stammered as Andrew and the doctor entered the house.

Doctor Rocklin quickly came to Hazels side checking for broken bones and injuries to her head he brushed back her bangs and placed a hand to her forehead checking her pulse and eyes he reached down his hand and pushed pressure to her fingers and lastly her toes with a small slight groan and sudden stir Hazels moaned, Andrew came to her side calling out softly “please my angel, wake up”. 

Andrew kissed Hazels tight held hand and with a small flutter of her eyes Hazel slowly awoke and looked up at Andrew and with a small smile she whispered out. 

“Common sense be damned.” she opened her hand and there lying in her palm the small emerald stone heart burned brightly between her finger.

Andrew smiled through glistening eyes and coughed up a small laugh, he leaned down and kissed Hazels forehead cradling her to his chest as he proclaimed to himself over and over in a whisper “Thank god.” 

Doctor Rocklin shook his head and with a smile replied “I shall ride into town and bring your parents, rest now.” he said as he stood and opened the front door.

Amanda stood out in the cold, biting at her fingernails and tuned to the doctor, who closed the door behind him.

“How is she doctor will she be alright?” Amanda asked.

The doctor walked out of the door way and replied back “She seems fine but she may need some time to recuperated, but all in all she should be all right” 

Amanda stared at Andrews’s door and answered back “Doctor, are you sure there is nothing” 

The doctor turned to her his brow furrowed “Why?” he replied “What happened when she was in your care” he asked.

“Nothing doctor it’s just …nothing” she replied

“Go home Mrs. Salts, a harrowing experience like this can have quite an effect just get some rest “he said as he once again entered the cab and headed off to Hazels home to collect her parents.

“Yes of course doctor I shall” Amanda called out though the drifting cabbie “My imagination nothing more, nothing more” she repeated to herself as she entered Andrews’s house.

Just as she was about to tell Andrew what she had seen something in her mind stopped her as if a brick wall had cut off her thoughts from her lips and suddenly she couldn’t remember, couldn’t recall anything that took place in the home before Andrew had brought Hazel in.

It was as if her mind jumped over the entire scene and started fresh, she cleared her throat and tried to remember why she had come back in but with a sigh of confusion she told Andrew simply “goodnight.” and walked back into the snow-covered evening heading towards her home.


© Copyright 2020 Mark Anthony. All rights reserved.


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