The Godfeather

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 7 (v.1) - New evil

Submitted: July 20, 2019

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Submitted: July 20, 2019



New evil

Timber sat alone staring at the fireplace, the image of the woman in black drifting towards town carried by and unknown force crept back and forth in his mind. He remembered the stories that were told to him as a child, the witches who haunted the woods with strange magic hundreds of years ago, they were the very reason the town was called Chantwood he shivered in fear.

Were they back?

Did there lines live on?

What was he to do, what could he do?

The table at where he sat seemed no more real nor anything in his home for that matter, in a daze and struggling to understand what had happened he buckled his boots and dismissed the stone cold dinner that sat at the table.

He adjusted his shirt and grabbed his jacket he had made up his mind, he knew he had to talk to someone, tell someone what he had seen, but who? 

 The town folk thought him a dummy an ignorant simpleton, they would ridicule before believing a story of witchcraft.

Timber stared at his reflection in the mirror and thought hard, when he felt all alone like this his mind drifted to Elizabeth, she always knew the answer.

Timber sighed deeply and stepped outside he walked in the cold frozen wind the few leaves on the trees that remained where a bright orange much like the color he saw that entrapped the woman before she disappeared below the ice he walked slowly breathing in the cold air leaving behind the woods and after a while he came to the lake side the perfect hole still burned through the ice.

He passed by elephant rock and stared up towards the trunk the single large crack and the howling of that name still resonating through his mind, coming now to the border of the town he looked for a sign something to tell him where to go and like a bolt of lightning he suddenly knew, pacing now he hurried through the streets and ran till at last he came to the steps of the old chapel and with a sigh of relief he entered.

The night church service had just concluded soft candle light brought a sentiment of comfort and peace the chapel still lingered with the smell of burning incense and the church itself had a feeling of hominess, safety a heavy numbness of forgotten memories.

Father Grey and a young boy were cleaning the floors and polishing the old wooden pews, the hard stained wood brought about a new passion to the old house of worship, bibles lay scattered on the empty seats as the boy retrieved them and placed them back into their racks.

At the sight of Timber Father Grey stopped sweeping and came to his side 

“Timber my good man, it has been a long time… How have you been, you just missed the night service.” Father Grey said somberly. 

“That is not why I have come here father; I have something to tell you… something private.” He said as he eyed the boy behind Father Grey

“I see.” Father Grey replied, “Would you like confession then?” he said as he gestured towards the confessional 

“No father…. please… it is not the evil I have done… but the evil I have seen.” Timber replied in a whisper.

Father Grey looked at him quizzically with slight concern “Tell me then Timber…what did you... see?” Father Grey questioned.

Timber went quiet as he spoke softly “O father I don’t think you will believe me, I hardly trust my own eyes.” he said slowly and sadly “What I have seen it just cannot be real.” Timber said as he took a seat at the last pew.

“Tell me Timber, what is it you think you saw?” Father Grey replied as he stepped closer. 

Timber adjusted himself slowly “Please believe father that what I tell you is the truth, I saw it out by the lake side, below the watch of the elephant, a woman in black …a witch.”  Timber said softly.

 Seth set aside his broom and came to Father Grey’s side.

 “A witch?” he said slowly. 

Timber shook his head slightly “A demon my boy, an enchantress just as I said, I can still hear the name roaring over the land that not only set the earth to quake and elephant rock to break but also she blazed with devils fire.”

Father Grey sat at Timbers side and asked him to tell him everything he had seen Timber recounted where he was when he saw the woman in black, the light that seemed to radiate from her and how she disappeared below the waters and emerged floating towards town and the name, the name that splintered elephant rock and set the earth to quake…

“Hazel.” Timber said fearfully “Hazel was the witch’s name.” 

After Timber had finished Father Grey shook his head. 

“Hazel… that is the name you heard?” he said looking down at Timber.

“Yes…yes, father, please…please believe me” he said as he stood.

Father Grey thought for a moment and contemplated the account “Timber my good man… do not fear, God protects us all…but let’s keep this between us, the last thing this town needs is panic.” Father Grey replied as he stood and said a small prayer over Timber and told him not to worry.

Timber stood and walked to the entrance of the church it had been the first time since Beth died that he had come back slowly he dipped his finger in the holy water and prayed under his breath “God protect me.”

Timber stepped out into the night breathing in a sigh of worry he headed back home as the door closed behind him.

Father Grey turned towards the church and knelt in the pew and began to pray silently.

 Seth nervously swept the floors and polished the last of the pews thinking about what timber had said “Hazel?” he thought.

Seth had heard the name before, but couldn’t recall where? 

Suddenly Father Grey stood and crossed himself.

“…Father” Seth called out nervously “Do you really believe a witch is here in town.” he said with a tone of alarm but more so a tone of curiosity.

Father Grey looked at him with cautionary eyes and replied, “I’m sure that Timber must have been mistaken, what he saw must have been in his imagination… nothing more.” he said strongly

For some reason Seth did not believe that Father Grey was telling him the truth about how he felt, something about the father's eyes told him that he was scared but Seth just shook his head in agreement and went back to polishing after he was done Father Grey came to his side said a night time prayer over him and Seth headed off to bed Father Grey lumbered up the stairs behind him he went into his room and laid in his cot and Father Grey went to his room down the hall and locked the door behind him.

Seth laid there wide awake thinking about the story Timber had told and the look in Father Greys eyes he laid and listened… after a short while the unmistakable sound of Father Greys snoring erupted from down the hall.

 Seth got up and put on his boots, the darkness of the night told him it must be close to the witching hour ironic it seemed for such an occasion, he grabbed his coat and his gloves, lit a candle in a hand held lantern and walked out of his room.

The moons gentle light glistened against the church, the image of Saint Michael fighting the devil glowed dimly throughout the hall, the bowl of holy water reflected against the night as Seth remember how that morning it seemed impossible how the water shifted and seemed to rejected him, but now he was not sure what imposable meant he quickly went down the stairs and out the front door.

The crunch of his boots against the snow-covered earth echoed loudly as he tried to sneak away; turning down side streets and alleyways the lantern lights dim glow barely shone the path ahead.

He raced down the streets and corners when suddenly he accidently bumped into something or rather someone who fell to the earth.

Slowly with apologies he reached out and pulled an elder woman up right, he noticed a sweet scent, a whiff of something unfamiliar an odor that was pleasant but unknown, suddenly a slight purple flickering dancing between the candle light and the shine from her eyes and with a talon like fingernail she pointed at Seth and softly said “Hellfire…Hazel”. 

Seth backed away in fright and ran away quickly as he could down the streets the snow crunched and slid underneath his pounding stride as he finally made it to the edge of town, he found the path that led to elephant rock stepping quickly and changing the lantern from hand to hand as he sought to warm them he thought to himself “Bless my cold frozen soul, what am I doing”.

After some time and with little aid from the lantern light he could see the outline of elephant rock coming closer he cleared the snow from the top of the elephants head and traced the jagged outline of the tear that led all the way down to the tusks.

Looking down he could see the lake but not where the hole was, he made his way quickly as he came down closer to the water he stepped to the lakes edge and stretched his hand as far out over the water as he could the lantern light caught just the edge of the hole, carefully he placed one foot on the ice and pressed down the cold night might have thickened it he pressed harder and harder and it did not crack.

Convinced that the ice would hold he slowly placed one foot in front of the other and stepped out sliding carefully till he was directly above the hole.

“Timber was telling the truth,” he said to himself.

Suddenly he felt something… something quivered the water’s surface, trembled the ice below him, the hole at where the witch had floated from began to bubble and spill over, struck with fear Seth did nothing but watch as something began to rise.

Seth closed his eyes tight waiting for a demon or perhaps the devil himself to bust forth from the watery grave he could hear the sound of something dripping, his mind brought up images of a dark evil with eyes pulsating red, perhaps a beast with clawing yellow fingernails and gnashing gnarled teeth dripping with acidic saliva, slowly reached out towards him, waiting to drag him deep below the surface and beyond.

He could not keep his eyes shut no longer, he opened them slowly and appearing before him emerging from the hole, a perfect sphere of water the size of a coconut floated just a few feet above the icy lake, it was just there hovering before him.

Seth laughed out with surprise, relief and wondering curiosity. 

He took a step slowly back and the ball of water floated towards him Seth backed away reaching the lakes edge and it followed, hovering and containing the water within.

Seth moved to the right then to the left, it too danced to his every step he slowly and hesitantly reached out his hand and touched the outside of the sphere his fingertips became wet with residue he pulled his hand away and grimmed the residue between his fingers and bringing it to his face he took a whiff, no odor was detected again he reached out his hand and pressed harder against the surface his hand gently glided through engulfing his fist to his wrist.

Seth smiled and nervously laughed his birthmark seemed to swim through the sphere staring at his wrist he could sense something strange a cold feeling began to overtake him a feeling from inside, his birth mark began to glow with a bright blue light, tearing his hand away from the water he checked his wrist and wiped the remaining residue on his pant leg his birthmark no longer appeared to be glowing the cold feeling inside him began to fade, staring at the water and down at his hand he backed away with slight fear.

The sphere however no longer followed, he was just about to run when a sound a horrible sound like that of a tortured beast erupted far throughout the woods.

Seth jumped and staggered in fright the sphere of water exploded behind him sending water flying, soaking his entire body as he ran.

The lanterns light had gone out and he was running, running in darkness, tripping over roots and rocks he fell into the snow covered ground, hearing the howl he quickly pulling himself upright he scurried away covered in freezing watery snow.

Turning around and listening hard he tried to hear what was behind him hearing nothing but his own heart beat and the sound of his deep breathing he sprinted quicker, running faster and faster turning once more to see over his shoulder.

He looked up suddenly and came face to face with a thick willow branch, smashing head first he was knocked backwards as the air escaped him, and the last thing he saw before the light faded to black was the worried eyes of Father Grey as he was slowly lifted from the ice cover forest. 

A night’s cold passed over the small little town and the crisp wandering winds followed, sulking through alleyways and oil lamps, wavering over frozen cobbled streets, drawn in through shallow breaths of drunken pedestrians and howls of wild dogs and deep beyond the rhythmic hymn of Chantwood a creature of great darkness awoke.

Breaking apart the earth above she thrashed and forced her way from out of the shadow, bone and blood replenished her decaying flesh, she shuttered the snow from her shoulders as she rose from the depths bounded by an overgrowth of twig and stone she could finally feel the moons gentle light at her back the breath of life swirled deep within, a howl of demonic glee resonated throughout the forest, a flash of orange light flickered from her eyes an old evil had arrived, her name was Demouna.


© Copyright 2020 Mark Anthony. All rights reserved.


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