The Godfeather

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Black Lantern

Submitted: July 27, 2019

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Submitted: July 27, 2019



Black lantern

Andrew sighed, hung his head and continued his stroll along the narrow, cobbled, slush covered streets. 

Children and families stumbled by; men tipped their hats or nodded in good manner towards him, all of them dressed in semi-winter wear, long tweed suits and light overcoats. 

Andrew wish them good afternoon as he trolled along passing beneath the hanging signs displaying the local chemist, the old bakery shop and the small town hall, walking steadily and further from the displays of righteousness he came now to the more resort and foul part of town, down the alleyways cackling drunken laughter could be heard from the slum streets of Midstrom where seen at this early afternoon hour self-prescribed doctors, fortune tellers and men in damp thread bare suits who were passed out drunk outside the pub known as the Black Lantern.

The flow of pedestrians shifted and stumbled  in and out Andrew reached into his pocket and felt the small stash of coins he had on hand he debated whether he should keep what he had or to spend it on a few stiff drinks it had been five days since the time at the lake with Hazel went so badly, every morning since then he had gone to Hazels door only to have Sara come and answer it herself the answer he was given about Hazel was always the same, that she was in bed resting and that she could not see anyone at the moment

“Doctors’ orders.” Sara told him. 

Andrew felt ashamed he could tell that Sara held him responsible for what happened and the length of time Hazel spent in bed must mean that there was something majorly wrong.

His worry won over his dignity, slowly and with a hint of shame for he rarely drank he entered the Black Lantern.

The thick solid door shut with a bang, eyes stared at him as he strolled silently in, laughter could still be heard in the back room and the atmosphere appeared most bleak and heavy with pipe smoke.

 Andrew walked slowly to an open table and sat himself down.

The table top ranked of old booze, the wooden  floors had a finish of Tobacco stains and the ceiling grimmed with thick scum residue he settled himself as a bartender came to his side. 

“What do you want boy.” the bartender said in a deep baritone voice that shook through Andrew skull.

“Brandy sir” Andrew said nervously the bartender lifted one eye in a quizzical stare as other pedestrians around him gave a small snicker.

“Brandy?” he said in a laughing manner. “In here boy, its ale or nothing “he said staring hard now at Andrew.

“Then… I’ll have an ale sir.” Andrew replied back.

The bartender looked him over and scuffed as he walked back towards the bar. 

Three women sat at the bar watching Andrew as he ordered his drink and waved over to him, all three had their unique distinguishing features.

The one in the middle had long black hair reaching all the way to the stool that she sat on and a mole buried deep into her right cheek.

The one on the right appeared to be lost in space, her silver blue eyes danced celling way as she laughed at the air above she appeared to be the youngest of the group, and the one on the left toaked at a black raven pipe and smiled a toothless grin.

As the bartender came and left, they slowly sashayed towards him “Hello there love.” the toothless woman said as she sat at Andrews side

“Buy a girl a drink would yea and tell me your trouble” she said as she slid her fingers seductively across his cheek and puckered her lips as she blew pipe smoke towards his face. 

“Please mam, I’m quite alright there’s nothing troubling me” he said hesitantly 

“We can see the suffering written on your face love” the mole woman replied back

“A sick heartbroken puppy no doubt” the silver blue eyed woman snickered drunkenly

“Please…I’m fine, all is fine” Andrew retorted as he sipped slowly at his drink

“Come now tell us what ails you dear” the mole woman said “yes, but a drink first love, to help the weary heart.” The toothless woman smiled as she took a toke of her raven pipe.

“Yes a drink, another drink, another drink.” the silver blue eyed wonder sloshed 

“Fine then, one drink” Andrew said finally. 

The bartender watched from the bar and came to his side as Andrew ordered a round of ale for the women they cheered noisily as the bartender brought the drinks to the table the silver eyed wonder drank hers in a single gulp most spilled down her opened shirt as she slammed it upon the table. 

Laughing hysterically she suddenly fell from her chair the bartender came to her side and helped hoist her upright she swiftly broke out in a scuffle with him as she repeated over and over “another drink!, another drink!” 

Andrew watched in bewilderment at her manner as the bartender pulled her shrieking and kicking out of the bar. 

“Young ones” the toothless woman said with a sigh

“Don’t know there limit” the mole woman said “she’ll be fine… now my boy tell me your troubles” the toothless woman replied as she sipped slowly from her glass. 

Andrew sighed, and told these women what had happened slowly from the beginning he finished his drink and ordered another round.

He told them about the lake incident and the reason she followed him out there, he finished another then order another.

He told them about getting the doctors and his girlfriend waking up, he told them about Hazel’s mother and how she is refusing him to see her, and he finished his drink and felt lightheaded and queasy.

“O sweet dear young one.” the toothless woman remarked

“It sounds to me that your girlfriend’s mother is very protective of her daughter, I’m sure your lovely girl is just fine, it’s just her mother trying to keep her safe, not from you, but from harm, give it some time she will come around and see that if you feel this heartbroken about what happened, when it was not any fault of yours she will come around.” The mole woman smiled as she took a sip from her glass.

Andrew felt a stirring sense from within him and slowly cracked a smile and thanked the women for their kind words “Yes... thank you… I see now, I would also do anything to protect Hazel from harm” 

At the mention of Hazel's name the mole woman suddenly choked on her drink and the fine raven pipe embers under the eyes of the toothless women grew red hot with a quick draw and she began to cough up a fit of merciless fluid and after a horrendous fit from the both of them they suddenly stood and crossed themselves walking slowly away from Andrews table.

 With a glancing concern Andrew asked what was wrong, what did he say? 

The women bickered back and forth the name Timber entered their conversation along with whispering of an evil omen coming to their small town.

Andrew stood slightly inebriated and came forwards to them “What is the matter, what evil omen?”

As he approached them, both women screamed and the bartender along with a few patrons of the bar came drunkenly to these women’s aid.

“Enough there boy!” a man from the back of the bar thundered as he suddenly lunged at Andrew.

With a staggering pace, Andrew jumped quickly aside and the man came down hard on the table breaking it in two and suddenly the bar went quiet the laughter stopped and with the sound of a cup spilling its golden liquid contented to the floor a bottle was suddenly hoisted from the depths of the pungent crowd and shatter the mirror that stood behind the bartender and with the shattering of the glass the whole bar broke out into a mindless on slot of self-destruction. 

Bottles flew left and right, screams and the sounds of wooden stools splintering were flung end to end broken over backs as fists and blood covered every crevasse of the decaying pub, men wrestled, kicked and slashed and as the carnage continued, Andrew was suddenly hoisted up by a number of unknown men and with a heaving force they threw him out into the snow covered streets.

Standing with a groan and staggering away amidst the laughter of some of the patrons outside the bar he cautiously walked and tried to understand what had happened, why did those women suddenly seem afraid at the mention of Hazel's name and why did they say evil omen,  walking down the sludge streets he staggered lightheaded.

After some time he looked at the street signs above he realized he was just beyond Hazels home he slowly began to walk clenching his aching side he passed the last of the alleyways and came to Bleak Street the name of the road at this time in his life seemed like a joke.

Looking down the street the fog of the warm night began to emerge and he could see the outline of Hazel’s home gate in the distance but emerging through the fog a figure appeared a figure of an old woman.

With eyes still watery from the drink he saw her suddenly point a talon like fingernail towards Hazel’s house he could see her mouth off a word a single frightful word “… Hellfire”

Andrew looked up towards the house but only saw a quick jerk reaction as the curtains in Hazels window suddenly shut.

 Andrew watched as the old beggar woman held a cross between her fingers, that’s when Andrew caught a whiff a small odor, not unpleasant but unique coming from the woman ahead.

 Andrew called out “Who are you...What are you doing here?” Andrew questioned 

The old beggar turned slowly to Andrew a look of interest and confusion met her glowing purple eyes as she drew in a long inhale sniffing at the air, with a look of panic she began to walk frightfully away as Andrew drunkenly staggered forwards reaching out, but to no avail she had vanished beyond the fog.


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