Without You Again

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taken from my book, "Rumble In The Mind!"

Submitted: September 23, 2018

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Submitted: September 23, 2018



Without You Again


I'm not gonna love you anymore

I don't know how I let myself fall for you

I common day

__where you don't call

____has arrived

So I think

I know you would only leave my side

__with the blink of an eye

I'm so glad I could never make you mine

The hassle of your baggage

__weighed heavy on my mind

"2 crazy people should never be together"

Even if I am crazier than you

You're just not sane enough for me

The thought of your sad loneliness



______bother me

And at times I don't know

__how I let myself get way

____with not making an effort

______to keep you company

But "I'm just a total dick by nature

I only care for myself

Because nobody else does"

And I admit that

It really is hard for me to get out of myself

And I am afraid of you

You just seem to not like me

And I hate haters

So I'd be glad if a whole day goes by

__and you don't call me

My love for you is dead

I can feel it in thee air

I can see it in the wind

That there wasn't


And never will be

__anything between us

There is no force

__to keep you in my life

And I'm not sure if I want to be in yours

My world is not over

That's for sure

Just stay out of my life

And I'll stay out of yours

I lived without you before

I can live without you again



D. L. Cannon

© Copyright 2019 DLCannon. All rights reserved.

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