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Have you ever been so scared? Wondering all alone in the woods all night? Has anyone been so scary it makes you want to kill your own self? Is so, follow the series of Hanna. She has gone enough
throughout her life, she is starting a new chapter. Maybe, a little more frightful.

Submitted: September 23, 2018

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Submitted: September 23, 2018



October 18. 2002. 7:08 pm

As i walk home from a long night at my boyfriends house.

I got tired and decided to take a little short cut.

I don’t go through the woods because it is a little scary in there.

So I take a street I’ve never been to.

As I walk through the streets, the houses are small and cute.

I can’t hear anything. Its a quite neighborhood. 

I can feel the breeze of the wind and the smell of fall. That nice fresh smell.

Im a little tipsy and had only one sock on. Im sure I know where Im going.

I can’t stand quietness. I take out my headphones and listen to slow love songs.

The sky is getting darker and darker each step I take.

At this point, all I see are street lamps and objects surrounding it.

My music stops. I look down and I have 5 percent.

It starts sprinkling with little drops of rain touching the tip of my nose. 

I call my mom. Does not answer.

Im lost.


Im panicking. 

My light brown hair is now black and wet.

I have a pin in my pocket. I pin up my bangs.

Im cold, hungry, and wet.

I want to get home. Sit next to the fireplace, drinking coffee, my cat purring.

It is now 11:36. Im tired and want to go anywhere but here.

Im trying to find a house to use a cellphone at.

I come to a door. Big, Rusty red, blurry window.

I knocked on the door, 3 times without a pause.

A man is standing in the hallway as I look through the side window.

Opens the door. 

He is tall, young, brunette, and dressed surprisingly fancy.

He seems like a nice man so I ask politely. “ Can I use your telephone?”

He smiles at me. “Welcome in” he says with a smirk.

I walk a little fast. Im not paranoid but not feeling safe.

I follow him towards his living room.


Chapter 2



“Sit please, make your self at home” he says calmly.

He asks me questions. “ Whats your name?”.

I respond, “ Hanna”.

He seems to get a lot of information from me.
At this point. I am paranoid, I don’t know what to do. 


I storm towards the door faster than ever. 

The doors locked. I ask him to let me out now.

He smiles, “I don’t think so, your too young to be out there alone”

I explain to him, my mom is on her way to your address.


He says. “ I don’t have an address”.

Im officially confused. 

I see that the backdoor to the yard is slightly open.

I pretend I’m calmed, and ask for a water.

As he’s filling a glass of water. I get closer and closer to the backdoor.

He spilled a little wine on his plaid white shirt he had in his hand.

He mutters “ I’m going to the bathroom”.

I slowly open the backdoor and head out.


Its dark, I can’t see anything. 

All I see is my imagination trying to make me frightened. 

I know at this point I’m alone, but I still feel like something is slowly staring at me.

Im now paranoid to the maximum. 

The wind is getting more chilly.

I can barely breath, my asthma is attacking now.


I can feel hands crawling on my back. 

No one was there.

I can feel my skin peeling off.

It wasn’t.

Im seeing things I shouldn’t be seeing.

I feel like I’m in the middle of nowhere.

I can’t seem to think that everything will be over, and I can make my way home when the sun comes up.

Im cold. It starts to rain a little more, I’m soaked.



Chapter 3


Not only am I terrified of whats coming next.

Im starving. Even if I wasn’t going to hunt, what would I hunt with? What do I hunt?

No one wants to get a disease eating an animal that has been in the woods for ages.

My eyesight is becoming used to the darkness from the wild.

I can see but not clear at all.

I manage to find some berries on a bush near a pond.

Im thirsty but there was no way I am going to drink out of the nasty green moss coming from the corner of the pond.

I try to convince my self that I am going to be fine. Only because I’m confident, and I know it inside. 


As I’m sitting down in the silence,

I hear a twig break.

I can not only hear but I sensed someone was near me. 

I didn’t take the risk of going to whoever it was. 

It could’ve been that man, the one back in the rusty door.

I started walking fast. If I ran, I could’ve been way too obvious.

I wasn’t looking to where I was going, I just needed to get out of wherever I was.


I found a little cottage.

I felt like Snow White at this point. Im not joking.

I felt like I knew this place. It seem a little familiar. 

Electricity was working, couple of leftovers in the fridge, and the water was running in the kitchen sink.

I turn it off, and look outside to see if anyone was following me. 

No one.

I was telling myself it would be ok to spend one night here before i go back and look for my home in the morning.

So I ended up eating only one apple and drank a little water from the sink. 


How did I even end up here? Will I never make is back home?

I didn’t trust anyone, I did not know anyone with this amount of trust issues I was born with.


I heard the same sound the twig made back in the woods.

I immediately stop thinking about everything, got up, and looked out the window.

It wasn’t the man, it was a boy.

Not little, he looked a little older than me. 

He was hurt, it seemed to look like he got cut on the knee. 

I was debating on letting him in, but he begged. 

I let him in.



Chapter 4



I had a knife behind my back just in case of anything peculiar. 

He was in great pain, it even seemed like he was tearing up. 

I grabbed some alcohol in a cabinet in the bathroom and a light brown towel. 

I warned him this was going to hurt. 

I rubbed the alcohol into the cut.


I did not know this boys name, but I seemed to be so calm around him. 

He had deep brown hair, 6 foot, not too thin, and had big ears. 

I didn’t want to offend anyone, but his voice was a little gay but more straight.

I asked him why did he get stabbed in the knee and why was he outside at such a weird time.

He told me that he got lost on a way back home from a party. 

He told me he was drunk. 

What was crazy was the same exact thing happened to me. 

It was the same party. It was weird how I didn’t see him there, but I was drunk.


I offered if he wanted to stay here for the night. 

I told him that this little cottage was not mine and that I was staying over for this night. 

He accepted.

We went down in the basement to see If there were any blankets. 

We ended grabbing two dusty grey blankets that were not soft at all. 

I couldn’t really sleep only because I am sleeping in the same bed with a boy I just met 2 minutes ago, so I stayed up and went outside. 

I started counting the stars, hearing birds chirp.

The air was calmed, I had a cup of hot water in my hand and this is all I wanted for this one night.

It was not perfect though. 


I go back into the house, and wash the cup I drank out of. 

Head to the room and laid down next to him. 

I opened the window, and looked outside. 

The cold air was touching my face. calmly. 

Until I saw man in all black. 

I immediately woke the boy next to me up, and I was panicking. 

He couldn’t understand me. 

I whispered “ Look outside the window”.

No one…was there. 


I got up and closed the window. 

I told him there was a man outside the bedroom window. 

He didn’t believe me because it was 2:00 am, and thought why would anyone be outside at this time looking into a cottage. 

I tried to breath, I was having a panic attack. He grabbed me and rushed me to the bed to calm me down. 

I said we need to lock the doors, but there were no locks on the doors. 

He said “ there were some wood planks down in the basement we can use”.

We grabbed the wood planks and made a barrier around the door.


We both stayed on the couch paranoid, and wondering what would happen next. 

I asked him “ what is your name?”

His name Is Toby. 

As we were talking together, someone knocked on the door. 

We ducked down and tried to look out one of the windows close to the door. 

He told me to wait there, and he went up to the door. 

He told me in sign language there was the man. 

I whispered don’t open it. 


As he walked away from the door.

The door was stabbed with a axe. 

I screamed and ran to the back window. 

We pulled up the window and I got out first. 

We ran as fast as we could, no shoes. 

I felt rocks, twigs, and tiny pieces of wood go into my feet as I sprint. 

I hear someone behind us. 

I keep running but I don’t look back.

I can feel Toby next to me. 


We hide behind a big log.

I try to peek and no one was there. 

We couldn’t go back to the cottage, he was probably waiting for us to come back and get our belongings. 

We walked paranoid through the woods, I felt like the woods could never get bigger and bigger as I walk. 

But they did each step I took. 

My foot was bleeding, I look down and there was a big piece of glass between my toes and heel. 

It hurts to much to walk, I am limping in pain. 

He offers to carry me, but I told him there was no way he could.

I walk two more steps until he grabs my feet and puts me behind his back. 

I couldn’t tell if I felt awkward or not. 


I know I was lost an hour ago, but at this point I don’t think I can make it anywhere in the day. 

We sit down and make a fire. 

I take the piece of glass out of my foot as fast as possible. 

Im crying, I don’t like crying in front of anyone but I did this time. 

Im sitting next to him on a log.

I fall asleep on his shoulder. 


It was finally day, I could see him better. 

We both get up and start walking towards the sun. 








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