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Warlock 6 - Oblivion

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Time doesn’t heal anything, it just teaches us how to live with pain.

It has all lead to this. A new war between Teshika and Warlocks has begun, a war that has spread across Alvenguard like wild fire. King Arthur fights on the Teshika’s side, remaining loyal to the
treaty he made with them, but the Warlocks’ numbers and allies are much greater than before. The last remaining Elemental is Opus and the group are faced with the hard choice of ending his life to
destroy Lucious. But Lucious isn’t their only problem anymore. Creatures higher than Gods soon play their hand; Ephriel loses her power over Elijah and begins to hunt for him, and at the same time,
Damien is preparing for Elijah’s arrival, the two Daegelus’ destined to fight to the death. Detlaff comes out of the shadows, also playing his part in the devastation, but after losing his
Elemental power, he’s not much of a match for the group. However, with children to care for, the group aren’t exactly as powerful either. In the final chapter of their epic quest, the group face
their deadliest foes and most difficult choices. The end result of their decisions would shape the future of Alvenguard forever, but with an impartial, unpredictable man leading them, the group
have no idea what they may end up causing.

(The sixth instalment in the Warlock series)

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