City of Life

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Submitted: September 23, 2018

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Submitted: September 23, 2018



City of Light


Warm, glowing sunlight shines over the tight, dusty streets of cracked and uneven stone,

The sounds of the city fill my ears, the constant hum of human chatter, the barks of stray dogs,

The laughs of playing children, the low grumble and the honks of gas-guzzling auto rickshaws,

The busy dabbawallas, quickly buzzing from building to building, delivering nourishment in stacks of tin cans,

My face basks in the warm, golden glow of the sun, and I watch this city.



The dust and sand sting my sleepless, bloodshot eyes as I watch the city, throbbing, full of light, full of energy,

This city of life, of laughing and singing, of dancing and running,

Then, enormous grey clouds begin to gather overhead, the sky's own brood of vultures,

And as the last wisps of early morning sunlight are ripped from view, 

The cold rush of descending rainwater splashing against my face coupled with the sharp howl of a scathing wind snaps me back to reality.



Heavy rains slam down on the streets, and they start once more,

The pleas and the cries, the pleas for charity going unnoticed that reverberate throughout the chilly morning air,

The cries for help going ignored, the cries for anyone’s attention, for anyone’s care,

I am stared down by the huge, skyrise buildings, like terrifying gods of stone, glass and concrete,

And I am once again plunged back into the cold, hard world we all know and endure.

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