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Submitted: September 23, 2018

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Submitted: September 23, 2018



Unpleasant feels.

We all know it's nothing of appeal

But it's something that reveals

our inner pain, our biggest shields.

Comparing skin;

When we all bleed red, deep within

So when and where did all this really begin,

This whole era of brutality and sin,

Can we all just be like gin?

Clear, true, transparent, and smooth?

May cause disruptions if provoked, 

but our energies consumed to soothe

the hearts of each other as we all face distractions

instead of being taunted because of our race,

which nowadays leads to unwanted actions?

This isn't about just the blacks or just the whites 

or any particular color at all, 

but just the point of leaning on our sisters

as well all bend, sometimes, while trying to stand tall.

There already isnt enough time in a day

to bypass someone in need because of their darker color or lighter shade.

It's more about the words of wisdom that can be poured into another

as we all face burdens and lonely times

like an orphan without their mother.

Each diffiulty in this lifetime doesnt come with discrimination,

We all have faced some of the same issues-

they're all faced across the nation. 

Why is a criminal from the north 

So different from a criminal of the south 

when a sin is a sin

and we've all shared unruly things from our mouth?

The point of it all is that it is wrong and it is weak,

why not just honor what's true when we open up and speak?

Instead of throwing color on a situation and making it about the skin,

when it's all about friend. 

All of that there is nothing of appeal-

and it's a shame that even still

we'd rather not reveal

the pain that we feel

so instead we put up shields

and bully, taunt, and kill

instead of facing what is real.

White, black, brown, or teal

we all still

face those unpleasant feels

No one is different from a man with an empty stomach

or from one that has never missed a meal...



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