The Road to Happiness

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The road to happiness has many twists and turns...

Submitted: September 24, 2018

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Submitted: September 24, 2018



The Road to Happiness


Happiness is all well and good

if you come from the right neighborhood

The streets are paved in pristine stone

and nobody there ever feels alone


But just a few miles down

on the other side of town

the streets are muddy and worn

and faces are filled with scorn


The road to happiness has many twists and turns

and there are many lessons to be learned

if you're born with a silver spoon

you may think happiness will come very soon

Happiness can't be bought

You'll find it must be sought 


If your spoon is rusted and old, and you often find yourself out in the cold

you may think happiness just can't be found

On the other side of town


You must overcome, break free, and forge your own path

Be brave, for at times you will face the wrath

of a bitter world that will try to keep you down

because you're from the other side of town


But you can rise above

You've got to learn to love 

yourself above all the rest

know in your heart you deserve the best

And one day that pristine road will be yours

You'll walk in to your new home 

finally you won't feel so alone 

You will run to open all the windows and all the doors

The bright yellow sunlight will come streaming through 


Suddenly you'll know this to be true 

The map to the road to happiness 

Was always right there with you 


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