Our Testament This Day

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Submitted: September 24, 2018

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Submitted: September 24, 2018



Our dirty paws, our wet ears

and this mud from which we rise

this play of our childhood;

this day, the clouds swollen, pregnant with life,

and the rain to always fall,

still we dance,

this unveiling, unmasking dance,

folding into endings and out again

blooming into beginnings

stretching out to share our shade,

protecting herds beneath our branches,

and all those breathing, heaving, fierce life-forces,

we, rooted,

we, reaching,

fingers green, hearts lush,

the sky is with us,

and I feel something again,

something brewing,

and we, the alchemists,

making whispers loud

we put our faith in flags of our own creation,

screaming for anything that reeks of freedom

our ripe stench,

and everything that fights against fear

(the only time we need raise our fists).


Blessed our idols in the eyes next to us,

and in the hands we hold,

bless beauty and boldness and ugliness

and all those prepared to be raw,

for authenticity and love in a time of revolution

are the only worthwhile war,

and bless your battle scars,

bless all the moments in time we’ve taken

to get here, to come this far,

and all those we will take to go further.

Bless the self-respect to earn our death,

to search for meaning

remembering to turn over all the rocks,

reminding yourself to visit

the ants and spiders and earthworms,

our brothers and sisters of sweet earth,

and then to look above,

looking to the stars,

our true home,

our DNA, our bones,

bless to all the souls wandering alone,

unafraid, finding purpose and refusing to sell out,

we will be your shield against doubt,

we are the ricochet, and the echo and the shout,

we are the warm fire in Liberty’s house,

we are made of dreams

and spit and blood,

but above all, we sing hope,

shattering ignorance, shuddering hate

flooding streets with dancing feet

gate-keeping peace

and building bridges, not walls.

Breeding acceptance, birthing trust,

kicking down doors that once were shut,

and shaking up the dust,

we dress and fight and party and sweat like rebels,

we love with authority,

and to all those who dare listen

this is an open invitation

beyond paradigm

and into paradise,


this is our new world order.

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