Social Media - #GoodOrBad ?

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Social Media has been a great benefit to us all; should we think twice about how we use it?

Submitted: September 24, 2018

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Submitted: September 24, 2018



Social Media is an incredible tool which has enabled us to get in contact with friends or family, whenever we please. From sharing various media files such as photos and videos, the route to entertainment is at our fingertips.

It’s not just us as individuals who have benefited from the use of social media, but also businesses, who see it as an important tool for promotion. Our favourite celebrities use it to get in touch with their fans – athletes, musicians, politicians and so on. You can simply tweet, mention and send messages to your favourite celebrities via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The latest breaking news can be shared via social media channels, keeping us all informed of the latest travel and weather. It seems baffling why anyone wouldn’t see social media as a positive tool, right?

Well, unfortunately, anything that’s created for a good purpose is often ruined by the ones who use it. The use of social media is great to keep in touch with long-distance friends and family, but it’s not great for cyberbullying or making an individual the victim of the bad use of social media.  Young people today often find channels such as Instagram to be a blessing or a curse. There’s so much pressure to look a certain way, to dress a certain way, to have certain things – it leaves many feeling as if they are not good enough. As a young person, I definitely understand the pressures that come with life as you get older; your responsibilities change and you go through changes.

It’s very easy for you to compare your life to those who may have more in terms of wealth, live a lavish lifestyle or simply those who are in better circumstances than yourself. The thing we have to remember about social media is, we all post what we ‘want’ people to see. You can only look at someone and make a decision about them based on what they post online, after all, who knows what goes on once they log out of their online life?

Facebook recently went through a tough time where a data leak saw 87 million users data improperly shared online. Owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg came under great scrutiny but insisted he is still the man to lead Facebook. He said: “Clearly we should have done more, and we will going forward” does that make you feel confident? It makes us wonder about what we share online, who sees it and whether it’s actually kept private. The world, unfortunately, consists of people who do not have good intentions, making the wrong decision online could lead to many problems.

Those who use social media to promote violence, sexual abuse and fraud all make us think twice about the content we share, who can see it and the effect it could have on them. Since the Facebook leak, social media channels are doing what they can to ensure users are safe whilst using their channels. Social media has connected the world in amazing ways, but we as individuals need to be careful how we use it. It’s your account, it’s your responsibility.

Written by Richard Afrifa


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