The Wedding

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A family event with a twist

Submitted: September 24, 2018

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Submitted: September 24, 2018



The Wedding


Sally sat in the car in the pretty country lane.  She could see the church gate from there. It was early but there were guests arriving.  She glanced to her passenger seat at the fluffy creation she had purchased at an exorbitant price yesterday.  The assistant in the shop assured her it was the height of fashion and eminently suitable for the mother of the bride.  There she has acknowledged it, she was the mother of the bride. Then why didn't she feel like it?  Why was she sitting in her car watching everyone arrive to her daughter's wedding?  Why wasn't she riding with the bridesmaids?  Why wasn't she there to help her beautiful daughter to get ready for the biggest day of her life?  More importantly where was the father of the bride?


She cast her mind back over 20 years ago.  She had taken the girls Christmas shopping at the local shopping centre.  It was a magical day as all the Christmas lights were on in the shopping mall and all the windows were decorated for the festive season.  Laura was enthralled with all the colour and magical displays.  They passed a new bridal shop which had just opened and their window display was just to die for.  They all stood and stared at the beautiful dresses in awe.  Polly just wanted to go into the shop and see all the Princess Dresses. Sally explained to them both that when they were big grown up girls perhaps they would be wearing a Princess Dress just like those in the window.  They sighed and each picked out a very different style to each other as to which one they would like. Sweet memories.  She wondered if they still kept their childhood dreams?


Looking at her dashboard clock Sally saw that it must be time for the bride to arrive soon as it was 20 minutes to go before the start of the wedding. 


Why did Jack decide he didn't want to be married to her anymore?  He certainly knew how to choose his moment.  9 months before Laura announced she and her long term partner had decided to get married. Sally was in bits and just confused as to why he had to break up their marriage.  He said there was nobody else, just didn't want to be married anymore.  Polly and Laura had both moved out and he couldn't face the rest of his life with her.  He loved her but was not in love with her. The girls were a great comfort but both had their own lives to live and even though they supported her at first and tried to reason with Jack, in the end they just had to let them sort it out between them.  It was after a couple of months of being apart that the real reason for the split became apparent.  Jack had moved out of the family home, saying he needed space so he rented a flat.  As Laura was not having the wedding from there  he said, he would like the house sold so they could split the proceeds.  Sally was still in shock and although she agreed in principle, said she needed a little more time.  It was quite by chance that Sally saw him out at a restaurant with one of his colleagues from work one evening.  She had been working close with him on a major project and had even been to the house for meals when they were working to important deadlines.  As she didn't drive, he always took her home afterwards.  Sally was in shock, as she thought it was a work only relationship but seeing the way they were gazing at each other over the table, seems she was the last one to know.  She had always laughed at that when people had said the wife was always the last one to know about an affair.  It was the light bulb moment for Sally and the start of all the unpleasantness to come.


Laura had not included them very much in the wedding arrangements as she and Les had their own ideas and with all that was going on in their lives thought Sally and Jack  could do without added pressure.  When the invitation arrived on the mat at Sally's house for Mrs S. Orly and guest, she was unsure as to how to feel about it.  She phoned Polly who filled her in on all the details and asked if Jack was giving Laura away.  He was and of course Cruella (Sally's nickname for his other half) was also coming.  It was then the decision was made for Sally, she could not take part in the wedding if Cruella  was going to be there.


A large limousine was driving up to the church.  She stretched to see who would be getting out of this one.  The chauffeur was helping out a pretty little flower girl who looked enchanting.  Sally squinted through the windscreen to see if she recognised her but she didn't so she must be someone connected with Les.  Then followed three older bridesmaids and in the centre she saw her beautiful daughter Polly.  How she wished she could get out of the car and go how tell her how amazing she looked.  Her stunning model daughter always looked wonderful but today with her hair in a tumble of curls on the top of her head and the emerald green dress which complemented her auburn hair she looked breathtaking.  There was lots of giggling as all the girls made their way into the church porch to await the bride.


It was a good 10 minutes before the next car arrived, oh dear hope she is not going to be late.  No, here she comes.  Sally looked again at her hat on the passenger seat and tried to summon up the courage to put it on and get out of the car but her fingers just wouldn't move and she was unable to move from her seat.  Then there he was, the man she had been happily married to for nearly 30 years.  He had always said he would not wear a "Monkey suit" for anyone but obviously the pressure from his two adored daughters he had complied.  Poor Jack, he did look a bit uncomfortable with the top hat under his arm, but nonetheless for that looked very handsome.  It was too much for Sally she had to look away.  As she reached for her tissues, the other car door opened and there she was - her beautiful oldest daughter.  She raked through her memories and remembered the beautiful silk column dress with lace sleeves that Laura had chosen when she was a little girl gazing into the bridal shop.  No veil, as she said she didn't like veils!  Ok Laura, no veil then.  As they moved into the church porch to the good wishes of everyone around them, Sally found her courage and picked up her hat.  The church doors closed, as she closed her car door.  Too late, if she opened the door now everyone would see her and she didn't want to make that sort of entrance.  She wandered around the side of the church and found herself a bench to sit on where she could hear the service going on.  Her heart ached that she was not there inside.  It seemed an age before the strains of the wedding march pealed out competing with the church bells.  The doors opened and there they were, Laura in a beautiful cream silk trouser suit, no veil, alongside Les in her long cream silk and lace dress and jacket with a short lace veil.  Their civil union had been blessed in church as they had always wanted.


Sally kept out of the way at the side of the church where she could watch the tableau of the wedding.  Jack had his top hat on now, nobody would believe it was the first time he had worn it.  He looked so proud of his beautiful daughter and when he had his photo taken with both his daughters Sally could bear it no longer, she had to make a bolt for her car. She nearly reached the gate from the church when there was a tap on her shoulder.  It was Les.  "Sally, you came?"  She grabbed Sally in an enormous bear hug as if she would never let her go. 

"Laura will be so pleased, come you must be in the photos".

"No Les, I can't, I don't want to spoil your day and it would be too painful to see Cruella"

"She isn't here.  She and Jack are not together anymore.  Please come."

Sally hesitated, then coming towards her was the man she thought she would never see again, hat in hand.

"Forgive me?"

It was going to be all right.  Sally, allowed herself to be led back to the bridal party. 


2 years later


"Jack the phone is ringing can you get it please?"

"Ok, I am there, hello darling how are you?  Yes, we are both here, hang on I will call mum."

"Sally your no.2 daughter is on the phone and wants to talk to us both on speakerphone."

Sally came running in from the garden, rubbing her hands on her apron.

"Ok, I am here now."

"Mum, dad, Phil and I are getting married!!! "

"Brilliant darling, when is it?  Well as soon as we can because, sit down, you are going to be grandparents!!"

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