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This is just a random story that I wrote but I would love some feedback on it. Any one who is interested in reading it, tell me if you like it and what I can do to improve my writing. Thank you!!!!

Submitted: September 24, 2018

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Submitted: September 24, 2018



As I emerged from the tree line I came across a beautiful mansion with Queen Anne style architecture, even with fading paint and shattered windows the house was as wondrous as the day it was made. However, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something terrible hid behind it's elegant features. Pushing that feeling aside I walked up to the rotting front door of the stately home, turning the handle, I entered the manor house with slight trepidation, but my eagerness to discover what lurked inside trumped that feeling almost immediately.

As I entered I was met with an entrance hall leading out to three other rooms. I quickly ducked into the room on my right and found a dining room with the chairs and table upturned but the thing I noticed first was the putrid smell coming from the rotting food laying scattered across the floor, seeping into the oak of the floors. With the smell only becoming stronger as I made my way to the door connecting to the room beside it I turned to exit the dining room leaving the contents of the other room undiscovered.

Thinking that I might have better luck in the room to the left I quickly made my way across the hall to find a modest chapel, with a threadbare  rug leading to what use to have been an altar, now all that stands in its place is wood in a disgusting state of decomposition. Never having been a holy women I disregarded the chapel and plowed further into the house.

The room adjacent to the chapel had it's door kicked in and was now laying off to the side in a pathetic manner. Poking my head through the unstable doorway I saw a conservatory, soil and shriveled plants littering the floor like garbage along a highway. The windows lining the walls, were shattered from  years of storms and harsh conditions. The overgrowth of the forest was leaking in through the cracks and stretching across the water stained walls, making the room look extremely unstable.

Deciding to leave the conservatory alone, I turn to face the third and final doorway.  Walking into the dimly lit room, I realized it wasn’t a room at all, but a short hallway leading to a grand staircase. I had noticed that the house had at least three stories but I had just assumed that the wood would have rotted too much to still form a solid staircase. Still holding onto that belief, I cautiously place my foot onto the first step, gradually adding pressure.

After determining that the staircase was strong enough to support my weight I start to make my way to the second level of the mansion. Making my way to the top I look down on all that I just explored, not many rooms for such a large house, maybe there will be more on the next floor.

Reaching the upper landing I turn into the left side room. The room is filled with a grandfather clock, a small space heater, and a single velvet chair sitting in the corner. But that’s not what originally caught my attention. Blood, and lots of it. Coating the walls and the floors, huge stains from splatters and puddles that had pooled like freshly fallen rain, now dried and adhered to every corner of the room. The urge to turn back was overwhelming but the door at the other end peaked my curiosity far too much to just leave without at least a small look.

Quickly shuffling to the door I yank at the doorknob hurriedly. Only to find it locked. I may not have been here long but I hadn’t discovered a locked door before this one. What could have possibly been so important, or so horrible, that they were forced to lock the door before abandoning the house?

My mind was racing with ideas of foul beasts with the ability to kill being locked behind this door to stop it's rampage. But the idea was just that, an idea. This house had been abandoned for years there was no way a beast would be able to survive that long. Not that I even had any evidence to suggest a beast of biblical proportions, like the one my mind had managed to construct. Sucking in a deep breath I shoved at the door again, shattering the wood surrounding the lock and successfully opening the door.

Pushing the door fully open, I saw nothing close to what I had imagined was behind this door. Just a simple vault, not the ghastly corpse of a beast,not even a speck of blood, let alone bones. I looked ahead at the metal door, steel not rusted over yet, and shut tight. If it was locked there was no point in even trying to open it. Even after years of abandonment, this door could still withstand immeasurable force.

With that in mind I turn around and head out of both the vault room and the blood stained one. Crossing the hall I’m about to head into another room when I see a separate doorway in between the two rooms. Backing away from the door, I turn towards the doorway. It's by far the most well lit room in the house but not exactly in the best way. The curtains that used to shield the room from sunlight are now torn to shreds, letting in whatever small amount of light is available through the forest of trees.  With the light that they provided I could see enough to draw the conclusion that, before this place was left at the mercy of the forest and it's creatures, it had been a master bedroom. With the red velvet and white sheets pulled back, the exposed mattress had been completely shredded, with cotton like fallen clouds scattered across the wood floors.

Not feeling the need to investigate further I turn back around to the door I originally intended to enter. Opening the door I discovered something worse than the blood covered room that I had visited previously. An operating laboratory, with tools thrown across the room at dangerous angles, stains from puddles of blood that had met at the center of the room.  And to make it worse dried blood coated the tiles I walked on, peeling off with every step I took, echoing around the silent room in a ghastly sounding crunch. Trays on wheels tucked into corners of the room holding deflated organs and limbs rotted to the point of showing bone. And the smell was acrid and it took everything within me not to throw up.

I turned back to the door trying to free myself of the smell. But on my way past I noticed something next to the door. It appeared to be a dumbwaiter or a laundry chute of some sort. Creeping over to it I leaned down and slid open the small door. It was indeed a laundry chute or at least that was what it's intended use had been.  Now inside was filled with every assortment of bones, flesh, organs and blood, some human, some not. And the smell was absolutely horrible, like the fruit and blood mixed and amplified tenfold. I couldn’t hold it in any longer, I threw up, yellow and orange vomit coated the floor mixing with a slimey form of bile that found its way up from the depths of my stomach.

My throat burning nearly as much as my eyes, I raced back to the door, only to find it closed. And even worse, locked. Eyes wide and afraid I violently pulled at the door repeatdly. Pull after pull I felt my hope deminish even further. Close to tears I pulled once more to hear a slight crack. As my dream of escaping returned to me I felt something plunge itself into my back. I let go of the handle and tried to reach behind me to yank it out, but the action only drained me of my energy more, causing me to fall suddenly. As more and more blood started to fill my lungs, I began to choke on my own blood, my body slowly shutting down. I felt a pair of hand latch onto my ankles as my breathing slowed and black spots began to fill my vision. And with my final breath, the house took another life...

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