Crossing Fate

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This poem is dedicated to how in life we cross paths with people who which we bond with, in which we learn from and how a chance encounter changes one's life for good or the other.

Submitted: September 24, 2018

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Submitted: September 24, 2018



In life there will always be a crossroad
People from each direction of that road
Pass each other by, but yet they can clash
Destiny intertwines them like yarn
Tying the string of fate onto their arms
Unaware of the events about to unfold.

That bond that has latched onto them
Pull them straight to one another
In the most unexpected of circumstances
Complete strangers who know nothing of one another
Find themselves faced to faced
As their bond begins to flicker like a candle.

Trust takes time
Dreams take flight
Opposites begin to attract
Perspectives clashing.

What result can come of the bonds
That were forged by fate's band?
Is it mere coincidence?
Divine interference?
Does it just happen on it's own?

Fate is like that crossroad
It depends on if one shows up
At the right moment and time
When an opportunity shines
Or a new friend's perspective
Expands your horizon on what you see.

One questions why Fate crosses our paths
It can be an omen for good things ahead
Disasterous that brings despair and misery
It's how we take the time to look at it
Fate can be our friend or our enemy.

Yet we can't let it set the future for us
Even if we cross paths with fate
It is we who carve a new path
Through the crossroad before us
To decide our path in life than what's predestined.

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