Greatest let down.

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Submitted: October 22, 2018

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Verse1: Drugs become my soul to take. My heart's become too numb to break. The memories dont seem to wanna go away, and I wish it could stop. Only for once, if it'd finally like too. So the morning becomes the afternoon, I wish that you could be with me here in this room. But we both are so far out of place.

Oh it seems,you just wanted to give me only a taste.

Chorus: Now all I do is drink kerosene, and wishing you right next to me. So you can sit n watch this heart burn in the flames that you create. Because you set a fire deep inside of me,you made me laugh until I couldnt breathe. You were never who you seemed to put yourself out there to be. I guess its true I've known it all along, you made it feel way too right to be wrong.

Verse2: Fiends become my only friends and just like them I cant pretend, that I dont need anything to take the pain away. It gets dark before the spring, and in my dreams you still come to me. Just to fill my mind with some of your make believe.

And even though I suddenly wished you away,I still wish you never even came my way.


And I watched as you poured me out. Right down the drain,you'd spit me right out your mouth. And you hated how I never could just let you down. So now I get to be your greatest let down. How do you like,how do you like me now?

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