Opened eyes

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A Short Story about a Warrior that gets his eyes opened by a gorgeous elf

Submitted: September 24, 2018

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Submitted: September 24, 2018



Opened Eyes

The Soldier was beaten, The battle was lost. He grunt, his right arm pressed against his hip, trying to stop the blood from pouring out. He was in a feer, stumbling through the forest without rest. How he was still alive, was beyond him.

After what felt like hours, The warrior reached a small stream. He collapsed next to it, And started shoving water down his throat. He suppressed a few grunt, as best he could, yet a few still slipped through his lips. The pain was unimaginable. A deep stab wound in his hip, many more bruises on his arms and legs. On top he had lost a few fingers, in the attempt to block an attack. He had ultimately managed to grip the blade and turn it on his attacker, only now there no hope. Even if he would survive they would kill him for desertion and treason. He had fled from battle. Soon, his body would die, his honor had already died. In his solitude he started crying. His life was ruined. He knew that if he‘d close his eyes now, laying in the muck of the river stream, he never open them again. He wouldn‘t wake from the endless sleep. Yet the once brave warrior no longer cared. At last, his eyes closed, his body limp. A single tear dried on his cheek.


And yet, even though he thought it was over, he opened his eyes one more. The pain was gone and had been replaced by a faint warmth. Very slowly he rose his arm, turned his head and look at his fingers. He didn‘t believe his eyes. His fingertips were back. They were ethereal, see through, but they were back. You could feel the touch and feel them move.

He tried to raise hit other arm, but was met by resistance. He tried to look down and saw his arm resting on his chest. While his entire body felt numb, he could feel his fingers moving on his left hand, but he didn't see them move. Finally, the warrior realized. His still sluggish mind had made him think that those had been his fingers when in truth they were too feminine for that. He also finally recognized the source of the warmth that he felt. It was a women, lying next to him, leaned on his left arm. And as his head turned to look at the women, he suddenly was struck with terror. Her ears were long, with pointed tips. Her face of supernatural beauty. An elf.

The soldier had been warned about their alluring beauty, how dangerous they could be. Luring men in to slaughter them in cold blood.

He acted without thinking, his right reached for his waist, gripping the handle of his dagger. With a grunt he raised it. His panic increased by tenfold when he saw the elf open her eyes and smile faintly at him, still sleepy and not yet realizing the danger. The soldier hesitated a moment, then struck, sinking the blade into the woman‘s shoulder. They both knew that she could have easily dodged the blow. Yet she didn‘t. She let him strike her, even though, unknowingly to him, she shift in the slightest, just so he would miss any essential organs. The soldier was in too much of a frenzy to notice, suddenly jumping up and trying to crawl away, terrified.

This was the second time, that he thought he‘d die. He seized all movement, not even two feet away from the elf. The warrior closed his eyes and accepted his fate. The elf would take redemption. She would strike him down. For the Second time, his expectating of death was without reason.

„You‘re awake“

The elfs eyes kept looking at the human. A gentle look, almost motherly. Slowly a smile had curled around her lips and she spoke with a gentle, soothing tone.

„You‘re finally awake“

She coughed up a little bit of blood. The soldier was in absolute shock. None of this went as he thought. He closed his eyes tighter, suspecting some sort of trick to make him come closer so she could do it quicker, easier.

„Shh… calm yourselves“

The gentle voice of the elf filled the soldier's mind. Let no other thought be there but absolute emptiness. He no longer thought. A few seconds passed in which he did nothing but breathe and the elf used this time to grip the handle of the dagger and slowly pull it out, singing and ancient Sylvan song alongside the act. The skin and flesh healed, and the blade fell to the ground, clean of blood and shining as it did on the day of its creation.

The soldiers paralysis vanished. His mind raced with thoughts as he tried to process what just happened. The elf didn‘t want to kill him, she wasn‘t even mad at him. The elf kept smiling at him, not daring to break the silence. The soldier did neither and so they both kept quiet. He took the opportunity and looked around, taking in his surroundings.

The two of them sat on a bed of leaves, trees and bushes surrounding them. The sky was a beautiful tint of red from the setting sun. And yet the human didn‘t look at the beauty. His first instinct was to look for potential foes. Every tree was a hiding place. Every bush an opportunity for an enemy to lay an ambush.

The elven woman noticed and her smile fade.

“You have beauty all around you. Look at the trees, the sky, or me. Take your pick”

She leaned towards the soldier, gently cupping his cheeks with her hands. he found himself unable to move. his instinct was screaming at him to run away. Yet he managed to force himself to stay calm. And the elf rewarded him for his efforts.

She pressed her lips on his and kissed him passionately.

The warrior was overwhelmed. At last he managed to relax and enjoy the kiss, even leaning into it. When he opened his eyes, he saw her smile brightly. She leaned back, but stayed closer than before, keeping a hand resting on his thigh.

“You learned”

She stated, clearly happy with the result of her efforts. The soldier took another look around himself. He kept looking for potential enemies at first, but as time passed, he started to see nature as it was. Didn’t see the trees as a hiding place for a rival warrior, but as a hiding spot for woodland beings. Saw the berries on the bushes that he thought to be good for an ambush and from time to time saw a squirrel or bird dash down and take a berry. he smiled to himself as he thought that his instinct wasn’t all wrong. Only that the berries were the ones that should tremble in fear, for it was them that got ambushed.

he watched a squirrel run across the floor in front of him, and smiled, as he saw that it’s cheeks were filled with nuts. he suddenly realized something. In a forest, nothing was wasted. Every single piece of nature could somehow be used by something. And what the big animals could no longer use, smaller animals used to their advantage.

A thought crossed his mind. If he would die here, he would be food for hundreds of smaller beings, that would all carry a small piece of him inside of them. They would continue his legacy and when they were eaten whatever ate them would carry on. he found this thought very comforting and he decided that he would forever stay in the forest. Nowhere else had he ever felt as calm and happy as here. No worry about the future, about upcoming battles, there was only the here and now. The birds chirping for example. The warrior didn’t think or worry that the birds might soon sing a song he wouldn’t like, he simply listened and found that he liked every single one of their melodies.

As he kept sitting on the forest ground, the Elf by his side, resting on his shoulder and happier with every small discovery her pupil made, time went on. And before either of them realized it was already sundown. The elf decided that it was time for her to move on. She had fulfilled her duty.

She gave the soldier a last, quick peck on the lips, then she vanished between the trees. The soldier looked after her, until she was gone and even then he kept staring at the spot where she had vanished.

His heart was filled with regret. That he hadn’t asked her to give him a last good look at her face. That he hadn’t asked her to stay. That he hadn’t even said thank you. Yet the feeling quickly vanished, when a bird land in front of his feet and distracting him from his somber thoughts. He was like a child, surrounded by toys. it was impossible for him to stay sad too long, when there was always something new to bring him joy.

So the warrior stayed, for days and weeks, taking in every facet of nature. Until eventually his end neared.

it began with a faint tremble. The warrior had decided to no longer call himself a soldier, but rather a hermit. He had become one with nature. He knew this tremble, he had often heard it before a battle. horses.

They quickly came closer and his friends fled, up into the trees and their save homes. he had to stay on the ground, calmly awaiting his doom.

it were his former comrades, now Deserters themselves of a lost kingdom. They had fled from their homes like the Hermit had once fled from battle. Quickly, they approached the hermit, not yet even knowing of his existence. When they finally reached him, They rode around him, all, except for one. he neither knew who the man in front of him was, nor did he have any reason to kill him, yet he did it out of pure lust to slaughter something.

With a slit throat, from a viciously swung blade, the hermit fell over. He was not afraid of death, for he knew that he would now truly become a part of the forest.

His last thought was that the colour of his blood, was a beautiful red. It reflected the light so perfectly, so beautifully. With his last breath, a tear of joy rolled out of his eye, at his last discovery.  


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