You Make Me Crazy

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You and Ayaru Aishi have been a couple for about six months but when Osanu enters the picture as a possible love interest, Osanu is threatned as well as yourself.

Submitted: September 24, 2018

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Submitted: September 24, 2018



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It had been about six months since you and Ayaru had gotten together and you were happy. You thought yourself lucky that he had asked you out on your second week of school, because you liked him a lot. Now, sitting in the school café with him and his friends, you were reflecting over the past six months. ¨Hey, what's wrong?" Ayaru asked, shaking your shoulder. ¨Nothing.¨ You said. You gave him a reasurring smile, and he returned the gesture, continuing to talk with his friends. This is nice. Just sitting here, with Ayaru and listening to him talk. It feels perfect. But he still hasn asked me to prom yet. You thought with a sigh. It was true. He hadnt asked you to prom yet and it was fast approaching. You figured he was planning something big for you and so you told yourself to just relax and be patirnt with him. 

That was last week. You were sitting on the rooftop, waiting for Ayaru after you had recieved a text from him ten minutes prior. Meet me on the roof. You read it again. You were getting a little irratible but you tried to stay as patient as you could. You felt someone sit next to you and you were met with the gentle eyes of your good friend Osanu. ¨Hey, (Y/N). What are you doing up here?" He asked. ¨Waiting for Ayaru. He told me he was going to meet me here ten minutes ago, but he's not here." You replied, thankful for the company. You guys talked for a while and joked about the latest gossip. You and Osanu had been friends since you were children and he was always there when you needed him. But you also knew that Ayaru didn't like Osanu, so you tended to not hang around him, for the sake of respecting Ayaru. Speak of the devil, you thought as your black haired boyfriend approached you. Osanu mumbled a barely audible, "See ya later, (Y/N)¨ before scampering off somewhere. Ayaru sat down next to you. "What did he want?" Ayaru asked, putting emphasis around the word "he". "Osanu? Nothing, he just wanted to talk to me, I guess.¨ You replied. Ayaru nodded and then took your hands in his. ¨Will you go to the prom with me, (Y/N)?" He asked. You were actually taken aback, even though you were expecting this. "Yes, of course I will." You responded, practically smothering him in a hug. 

Ayaru's P.O.V

I already hated that orange haired boy. But now he was talking to my girlfriend again? No I decided. I have to kill him. (Y/N)'s mine and mine alone. No one can have her but me. And whoever tries to take her from me, I'll kill them. I've warned him before and he didn't listen. I knew that Osanu was (Y/N)'s friend from childhood, but she was mine, he should know that. That's okay, Osanu. I'll MAKE you understand. Our lunch period ended and me and (Y/N) departed as I stalked Osanu, waiting for the perfect moment to strike him dead.

Your P.O.V

Ayaru started acting weird after lunch ended. He seemed to be... following you. When you were walking to class, he walked past you. And not just after lunch. For the rest of the day. He also seemed to be following Osanu too. You didn't know why. Is he... JEALOUS of Osanu? He shouldn't be, Osanu and I are just friends, he knows that. But a part of you was worried that Ayaru might try and fight Osanu. 

After school, Ayaru walked in the direction of his house and you walked home with, take a guess. The one and only orange haired Osanu. "(Y/N)?" He spoke suddenly. ¨Hmm." You responded. "Ayaru's been acting kinda strange today." Osanu spoke. So he had noticed. "How?" You asked. "He's been, like, following me around all day. He's not in any of my classes after lunch, so there's no reason he should be following me. His classes are on the the other side of the building." Osanu said. So Ayaru HAS been following us. I knew it! Ugh, how dare he! He shouldn even be jealous! We've been keeping a strong relationship for the past six months and he doesn't trust me to hang out with my own friends. You were upset. Ayaru was being such an idiot and he needed to know how much of an idiot he was being since obviously he didn't get it. When you got home, you went to your room and threw your bag down next to your desk. You texted Ayaru as you sat down on your bed. Why were you following Osanu today after lunch? You texted with a rage. He pesonded in less than a minute. What are you talking about? He had texted. So he wants to play dumb? Alright. Let's play. You thought as you texted back. All your classes after lunch are on the other side of the building. Osanu and I both saw you following him right after me and you met on the rooftop. If you're getting jealous because of our friendship, it needs to stop because we've had a very good relationship so far and I'd like to keep it that way. You texted back. I'm not jealous. He texted back to you. You stopped texting him after that. If he wasn't going to admit that he was an idiot, then maybe you should let it drive him crazy that you weren texting him. Let him worry himself sick and maybe that'll teach him a lesson about getting jealous over a friendship. He continued to blow up your phone but you didn't care. You were set on ignoring him because he had violated you and your friend's privacy all because he was jealous and being selfish. 

The next day, you were still angry at Ayaru. You didn't want to speak to him and you were very much considering breaking up with him. He had sent you twenty texts, threatning you if you didn't answer. You, of course, didn't care because he was just being childish. When you entered school, you saw him walking towards you, bag on his arm. You dashed up the stairs and decided to take the long route to your locker. You made it to the end of the second floor hall and took those stairs down to the first floor, where you were able to easily acces your locker without running into Ayaru. I hope it doesn have to be like this all day. I'? in no mood to be running up the stairs, and back down again to avoid him. You thought. 

Ayaru's P.O.V

I saw (Y/N) run up the stairs, which made me angry. Now I was definetly going to kill that Osanu. He was obviously telling (Y/N) about how I had followed him, considering the text she sent me the night before. I saw Osanu in first period and followed him to the vacant courtyard. This is the perfect location. I thought, with a grim expression. I punched him in the face. "I told you before to stay away from (Y/N). Now you've made me mad. And THIS is what happens to people who make me mad." I said. 

Your P.O.V

You didn't see Osanu in third period, which was strange since he was a straight A student and it was very rare for him to be late for class. When thirty minutes had passed, you started to get worried that something bad may have happened. Then, your phone buzzed in your pocket. It was a text from Ayaru. Why have you been avoiding me? What did I do wrong? I just want you for myself, is that so wrong? The text read. "Miss (L/N)! Phone, here, now." Your teacher said with sudden outburst, causing you to jump a bit. You walked up to his desk, handing him your phone with its (F/C) case. You sat back down and could hardly concentrate, worrying about this quarrel between you and your boyfriend.You didn't see Osanu for the rest of the day and you didn't see him after school either, even though you went through the liberty of waiting for him. You even asked his friends who said that they hadn't seen him either. Now you were begining to suspect that Ayaru had done something horrible to him. You rushed up to Ayaru and asked, "What happened to Osanu?". He gave you a grey eyed stare and pulled you to the side. He got real close to your ear, as if he were about to whisper something, when you felt something hit the back of your head and you blacked out. 

When you came to, you found that you were in a dimly lit room, hands bound to the back of a chair. The back of your head met a throbbing sensation of pain. You investigated your surroundings and came to the conclusion that you were in a basement. Not just any basemet, either. The basement of a house. It took you a few minutes before saw the lifeless, limp body of your precious friend Osanu. You were in actual shock. You didn't scream, you didn't cry. Only one question repeated itself in your mind: Why? You then heard the slow, creaking sound of a door opening behind you. Enter in Ayaru, school shirt dotted with spots of... what was that? Blood? He smiled at you when he saw that you were awake. "Oh, hi (Y/N). Did you miss Osanu? He's here now," He said with a devilish grin of seeming gratitude. "Why did you kill him?! He didn't do anything wrong!" You yelled. Ayaru laughed with simplicity. ¨That's where you're wrong, (Y/N). He was in the way of us. And ANYONE who gets in the way of us will die at my hands." Ayaru said. You were infuriated with anger and hurt. "But I'm not your property! You can't DO that!" You yelled. Ayaru laughed maniaclly. "Of course I can. After all...


"... You make me crazy." He said into your ear as your screams mixed with his maniacal laughter in an ominous symphony.


Author's Note:

This is my first story that I've written and I am pleased to share it with you! Please note that this is all for entertainment purposes only and that in no way do I own the characters and their personalities; I only own the story. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, feel free to message me and/or comment!




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