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Quite tired of the 'rose-tinted' lies we're brainwashed into believing in school about the 'values' of our society, rather than waste the mental energy on trying to accept the flawed and deceptively dishonest state propaganda that would have us all believe our society is a perfect mix of democracy, individual liberty, tolerance and respect, I decided to write about what I really see in our society; a reality that those fools won't confront - and that is the single biggest reason it never changes.

Submitted: September 24, 2018

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Submitted: September 24, 2018



For as long as men have had the capacity to think, the only safe place to do so has been on paper. And still, thousands of years later, the freedom of ideological expression afforded to mankind is so little that the only safe place for the few that have the capacity to think is on paper. They watch everything else. Stuck in a tyrannical system surrounded by perpetual suffering, wrongdoing and injustice, yet, in that system, deceptively and maliciously convinced of an opposite reality – a mere façade or illusion that this contemptible system would have us praise and worship, to distract us from a harsher, evil reality in which chaos of the lowest sort among the masses leads to the everlasting discomfort and hardships for the many, and everlasting profit and power for the few. This, I feel, is an accurate summary of the horrifying lie human life has become in the present day. And so, from an early age of maybe four or five, without any realisation or choice – before we can think for ourselves – our childhoods are stolen by a warped and unproductive system of brainwashing; following a curriculum designed to install in our minds false values of conformity, justice and equality that, as one ages, one sees not upheld, but constantly and immorally violated by society’s ‘elite’ corporate and political classes, and for their own gain. These values, like ‘democracy’, ‘mutual respect and tolerance’, ‘the rule of law’ and ‘individual liberty’ are not nearly as deeply rooted in our system as they are in our minds. No. Rather, they’re violated in unfathomably despicable ways in front of our eyes, and how many times do you need to be told this to see its truth?

They teach you this to keep you asleep, like the baby that wakes from its slumber in fear thinking it heard the violent crashing of thunder; that is then comforted by its mother which lies, and re-assures the child no such thing happened so that the child may again sleep; that the mother may carry on doing what it is that she was doing. In this way, we are ‘comforted’ by the schooling system against the possible awakening to the ‘violent thunder’ in our society so that we may never notice it. And where the mother may attempt forcing the child to sleep again by laying it down, if it should proceed again to sit up, she gently (for she cannot be seen too forceful lest the agenda be noted) pushes the child’s head back to the comfort of its pillow where it should again re-indulge in sleep, and peaceful dream, this describes in metaphor how this system will gently, without being transparent as to its own agenda (controlling you) keep you in your metaphorical sleep.  If you should try to wake, as the bravest among us do, you will be punished, because you will ‘fail’ to conform – as if that is a bad thing – and you will speak out in protest; defy the authority that for so long has, and so long would lord over you, taking from you, piece by tiny piece, every little right or freedom you thought you had, until you have none. But here, in a lesson on the twenty-fourth of September, 2018, at 14:14, I lack, as I would elsewhere, any ‘acceptable’ right to say this by an authority that fears its deception exposed, so in silence here I sit, with you, acting the part of someone who is also socially and politically asleep – writing this, to, and about a people ignorant of the reality, because STILL, the only safe place for those with the capacity to think…is on paper. They watch everything else.

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