Queen of demons

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm
The story of a simple farm girl, called Mary, that enters into a Baroness' service and gets caught up in compliacted political affairs.

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Submitted: September 25, 2018

Written from Mary's view time: Present day Place: Evelynn's Mansion
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Proper Garments

Submitted: September 25, 2018

Point of View: Evelynn Time: Present day Place: The nothern Forests of Wyrda
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An old friend

Submitted: September 27, 2018

Title: An old friend View: Evelynn Time: present day place: A small hideout in the woods
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Submitted: September 29, 2018

Chapter 4 / Discoveries / Mary's view / Present day / Evelynn's mansion
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Submitted: October 02, 2018

Chapter Five / Reunion(s) / Mary's view / present day / Evelynn's mansion
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Rough Awakening

Submitted: October 08, 2018

Mary's view / Present day / Evelynn's mansion
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