Angelic Patron

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm
A love sick women decides to end her life
Yet things don't go as she planned

Submitted: September 25, 2018

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Submitted: September 25, 2018



Angelic Patron


“Why should I not do it? Tell me”

I stood at the Abyss. One more step and it would all end. For good.


My butler spoke behind me. I didn’t dare turn around to face him. It would only make it harder. I already knew that he was desperate to save me. Yet I had given up. There was no way, no words, that could quench my pain.

“Mylady, just because you beloved now has another, does in no way justify ending one's life.”

“Oh Wolfgang, you know nothing of love. Without him, i’m just a shadow of myself. I need him Wolfgang. I need HIM!”

I was furious. Angry at him, angry at the world for its absolute indifference to my suffering. Any angry at myself, for falling for him in the first place.

“Mylady, I beg of you. I doesn’t have to me this way”

“You’re wrong”

One more deep breath, then i took the fateful step. I heard my loyal butler scream behind me as he watched me fall into the darkness. A darkness, that lulled me in with its sweet promise of freedom from all things.

I was supposed to be dead, yet i didn't feel any kind of impact. In fact, I couldn't feel anything. Only emptiness. A cruel laugh echoed in the never ending darkness. A kind of laugh that I had never before heard. Even though it was me, who was laughing. All of this, my sudden complete indifference to everything and this cruel darkness, that weightless pushed onto me from all sides, making me feel like i was suffocating, convinced me that this was the afterlife. Limbo. I would spend the rest of time in this… this nothingness and just a few seconds in I had already lost my mind.

Suddenly, the emptiness vanished, like someone had lift a blanket from me, and the pain in my chest returned. my broken heart. I could feel tears gathering in my eyes, at my seemingly endless desire to make him mine. I cried, at the undeniable certainty that I had taken my last change away from myself.

“I wonder”

I jolted. A stranger's voice suddenly sounded right next to my ear.

“... What you would do to win his heart”


i whispered into the darkness. I could tell now, that it was a female voice. It was deep and alluring, only inflaming my desire that was already threatening to burn me from the inside out.

“Truly Everything? Would you even give your soul?”


I didn't hesitate one moment. My soul was worthless to me, and without him it could barely be called a soul anyways.

“Then let’s seal a pact. I’ll bring you back to life and give you the ability to charm anyone. There won't be a man that could resist your charm. And your beloved would kill to be yours. In return, your soul is mine, which means that I can do with you whatever i please. I won't bother you, only from time to time I’ll have some small task for you. Do you agree?”

Finally the source of the voice entered my field of vision. At first She was only a small peck of light, but as she kept talking, she grew larger and larger, until I finally saw her silhouette. her bright, faintly glowing, feathery wings now took over my entire field of vision. An Angel. I was talking to an angel.

“I agree, I will form a pact with you”

“Then it is decided”

She got closer, a smile curling her lips. She gently placed her hands on my cheeks and leaned in. Then she kissed me.


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