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Menagerie of disaster!

Submitted: September 25, 2018

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Submitted: September 25, 2018



With Hullabaloo22:


I once had a dog who could fetch all day long,

and he could add and subtract, he was never wrong.


I once had a cat who answered to Mittens,

he came from a litter of sixty four kittens.


I once had a fish, came straight from the sea,

now he's tanked, a clown fish who's no longer free.


I once had an ass, a donkey by trade, named Ben,

who never settled down, he's bucking again!


I once had a unicorn, or that's what I think I saw,

after I drove home drunk and evaded the law.


I once had an otter I treated as a pet,

he dove under, and hasn't surfaced yet.


I once had an iguana, a lizard by name,

he could play a mean one-one-one game.


I once had a zebra, his stripes shaped like a Z,

if I'm lying, may lightening strike me!


I got confused once, and tried to milk a lion,

and I'm selling bullshit, and you're buying!


I got me a rabbit that lived in a hutch,

and he was not really trouble as such.


The same can’t be said of the ostrich called Rand,

forever he’d be putting his head in the sand.


The parrot called Polly, well she always swore,

many the guest she sent back through the door.


I thought of a turtle, thought of a toad,

but then this strange egg I found in the road.


An egg of a dragon who was a big liar,

who said that he wouldn’t, then burned me with fire.


I’m sticking with cats and dogs, they are the best,

I’ll leave to you others all of the rest.







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