A Life Lesson pt.1

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Submitted: September 25, 2018

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Submitted: September 25, 2018




A Life Lesson pt. 1


With glistening wings, I flew through the childhood,

Till I got lost in a fog, of lightning and rain.

The feathers kept falling, yet no one understood,

It was then, when flying - brought upon pain.


The scenery changed, so I molded my sight with gold,

The light from the past - faint; the touch deeply burning.

Soon the gold was blinding me; then, I found a blindfold.

My skin no longer hurt; so I was jolly with the earning.


Walking in the depths of darkness, I was led into a trap;

There was no happiness, and no signs of a map.

All along it was an illusion, created by the void;

Which, from the beginning, I had had to avoid.


The confusion, the loss, that led me to pain;

I thanked the maestro and accepted the blame.

Now - I know, it was a Devil's game;

Whose stabs only left a bitty bloodstain.


Having walked through the hallways of darkness,

Now, when seeing a thin ray of light;

I understand the pleasure of liveliness,

Finally, gaining a deep insight.


Faust! It was a dangerous game;

Yet I must thank you, once again.

For now I am human; standing;

With no weakness that can restrain.


Whether I'll be betrayed or hurt, no matter;

For I have the scars, mended, once again with gold,

And I'll hold my ground - with powers tenfold,

In the end, it will be you, that'll shatter.


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