Broken Girl

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Submitted: September 25, 2018

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Submitted: September 25, 2018



You laugh at my jokes . . . or maybe you laugh at me.

You think who I am is who I want to be.

Your words build a fire, then you push me in the flame.

I feel like I’m losing. Who asked to play this game?

You think I’m real stupid, a dumb, high-class jerk.

And I walk right into your traps, I think our friendship’ll work.

So maybe I am an idiot, as brainless as can be.

But even if I’m not, that’s what you see of me.

I wish you really knew me, but I wish I knew me too.

Who is this girl in the mirror? Why is she feeling blue?

For starters, she is laughed at. She’s not seen and not heard.

She wishes she could escape, could turn into a bird.

Then maybe she could fly away, could leave her world behind.

But hatred never leaves her, so she’s out of her mind.

She’s trapped in betrayal, in sadness and in rage.

The ones she thought were on her side have locked her in a cage.

She knows she isn’t wanted. She’s lost but she’s not found.

For she has fallen under, is trembling on the ground.

The world is truly awful to her, evil as can be.

The girl has no more tears to shed.


This broken girl is me.


© Copyright 2019 Cecily Lessa. All rights reserved.

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