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The story of one of the many survivors of a quarantine breach on an isolated spaceship in unknown areas. She quickly meets her demise to a soulless creature, the Xenomorph.

(Yes, this story is based off the Xenomorphs created from the film Aliens, I decided to do this after dipping into some nostalgia from the movies and the game Alien Isolation, I guess this is just another practice work like my Dead Space short story)

Submitted: September 25, 2018

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Submitted: September 25, 2018



She pressed her sweaty hands against the reinforced window, the endless sea of darkness seemed like they were coated with white sparkles, clearly stars burning off their gases. She saw a cluster of stars and immediately thought about her family: laughter, smiles, screaming, blood and tears.

Her vale eyes started to tear up as she observed the cafeteria she was in, she wiped them and her hands appreciated the salty moisture to dry up the sweat. She sighed as she moved away from the glass. She needed to get out before she gets caught again but the sounds from the entrance across the room confirmed her worst fears.

She slid and hid behind a nearby counter, hearing footsteps and chatter slightly calmed her down, other survivors. As she peeked over the side, she quickly retreated to her crouched position as she noticed they were armed with revolvers and shotguns, obviously not friendly people looking for a new recruit. She silently prayed for an opportunity to slip away as they spoke,

"See I told you Malcom, public sectors would be empty by now!"

"Yeah yeah, better tune your happiness down a bit or else that ugly bastard will rip us to shreds..."

As the others scavengers joined in and bickered among themselves, the girl tried to find anything to distract them. As she quietly opened the small cupboards at the bottom of the counter, she slightly jumped at the sight of a deceased man that was trying to hide within, his face was completely dissolved by some sort of acidic compound. Her hands were shaking rapidly, no matter how many bodies she came across she would never get used to the sight of Death himself.

Then she drew her attention to the sound of something rolling across the counter, a metal canister. She watched in horror as the container rolled off the long, steel slab of the countertop and made multiple loud dings as it bounced horribly on the floor. She silently cursed herself as some flashlights pointed in her direction.

"What the fuck was that...it can't be...?" A man questioned as his masculine voice drowned in his mix of fear and curiosity.

"No. It's not the damn creature, that Alien doesn't waste time to kill, we all know that from...nevermind. Kelly, follow my lead."

"What? You can't be seriou---"

Before more arguing commenced, the recognizable sounds of something traveling through the vents froze everyone including the lone girl. As the noise calm to a halt, everyone in the room silently thanked their luck. Then the sounds of something dropping from the ceiling in the corner of the room pierced the aura of safety once again. Some hearts were pumping, some minds were racing but all fears were definitely consuming.

It's large, black, slender skin looked smooth yet durable. It stood on its supposed toes, the heels were always several centimeters above the ground. The creature's hunched posture disappeared as it emerged from the shadows, standing at least eight feet tall. It looked very frail but it was a facade for uneducated onlookers, the body seemed to be designed by an engineer as the creature's chest seemed like an influx of circular tissue similar to a ribcage. The head twitched as its eyeless face drooled acidic saliva, slowly corroding the floor beneath it. As the creature hissed in aggression, one of the survivors shot it in fear, merely fazing the creature. 

"Kelly, what the hell are you doing?!"

The creature finally bolted after them, it grabbed Kelly and revealed its gaping mouth, its sharp tongue penetrated through her skull and disappeared back into its extended jaws, dropping her corpse with no remorse. It turned to the side and ripped another lady in half with its nightmarish claws. As human screams filled the room with more gunfire and hissing, the lone survivor pushed herself into the cupboard, waiting for silence to come back.

Minutes passed and even the alien went quiet. She slowly opened the cupboard doors and to her surprise, slipped out in a hushed manner. As she stood up, she froze as the sounds of heavy breathing moistened against her neck. 

She knew what was perched on the counter behind her, she knew what was going to happen but she wondered where she was destined to go...



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