Silver Electricity or Ball Lightning?

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This short account is a true experience of what happened to me in 2010 and why I think that what I saw that day was Ball lightning.

Submitted: October 12, 2018

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Submitted: September 25, 2018



It happened on a gray October afternoon after I had taken a shower.  It was October 18 2010 to be exact, around 4:45 pm.  The day was cloudy but it hadn't rained.  I was combing my hair and listening to some 1980s tune on the radio.  Everything was normal until I heard the sound.

I remember distinctly that it was like a hissing sound.  It is hard to describe...kind of like a "kehhh" because it wasn't a hiss or a click or anything like that.  This is what made me turn towards the window, which stood on my left.  At first I thought it was the radio (which was to my right) but when I saw what I saw through the window, I immediately knew that whatever it was, it came from outside.

In my window we have the inner frosty window and then the outer glass window -which I figure many houses have for privacy.  Well, now I could see something through this frosted glass.  I can only describe it like seeing wavy lines- bright wavy lines, and I could still hear the sound.

I threw open this inner frosted window and to my shock I could see this strange white, silvery light that looked like electricity emminating from somewhere below and to the right of my window.  The light was not straight, but rather like a wave (you know the drawings of sound wavelengths?) and spanned out pretty high above my line of sight.  

What freaked me out more than the light was the sound.  I realize now that it sounded like electricity, like maybe after lightning has hit the ground or the sound of when you connect a charger to the outlet. The sound was pretty continuous but unfortunately I couldn't see from my position at the window it's origin.  I got freaked out and moved away from the window.  A few minutes later it stopped.

At first I thought it was someone working with metal-you know that tool that gives off this really bright light.  But this looked nothing like that.  Could it have been done by a live wire hanging out from the house? The thing is my house is made out of brick and the whole area by the window where I was has no opening for loose wires to suddenly pop out.  

I've asked around and told my dad and he was perplexed and couldn't explain it.  All we know was that no one was working outside by the bathroom window that afternoon.  

I have read that Ball lightning is usually spherical (thus the name) and usually travels through the air, sometimes even passing through walls.  I wish I had been able to see what the origin of that light was. I always imagine that beyond my line of sight was a round electrical ball, just floating there, hissing.  

Sometimes I think that silvery hissing thing was someone messing with me.  I imagined someone holding a live wire up to the window.  But why would anyone do this?  Besides, my window was in the second floor.  

I have read on websites different accounts of other people's experiences and none match mine.  Maybe it wasn't Ball lightning but it certainly was live electricity.  I will never forget that hissing sound or forget that eerie but at the same time beautiful white silvery light that illuminated my face for a minute or two before disappearing.  I have never seen this phenomenon again but sometimes I hope that I do.

This is what I saw, with my own eyes that October afternoon in 2010.

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