fall - n- leaf

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Submitted: September 25, 2018

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Submitted: September 25, 2018



Fall – n- Leaf


Hear the leaves rustle as the wind kisses them in passing.

The birds sing as if to say winter is near.

The air is cool, yet calm, caressing, as soft as the words from a grandmother to a child.

Hear the crow, demanding, in charge, beckoning this is my time, my space.

Greens turn to red, yellow & brown. Bright colors give way to more earthly colors of orange, copper & gray.

The air thins, breathe, the wind touches your face. Eyes closed, listen, listen with your heart. Give your mind a moment. A moment well deserved, a moment of awe.

Open your eyes to all that is real, all that was here before you and after.

Gods gifts are many, do you see them? Do you feel them in every breath? Do you touch them with your heart? Do you hear them with your mind?

As days, weeks, months, years, lifetimes pass us by, life changes, generations change but God stands firm.

In the bird’s song, in the leaves as they fall to be renewed as we should be in spirit.

As the hummingbird & the bee collecting before departure as we should be in our minds.

As the wind in a passing kiss, as we should be in our lives.

As the sun shedding light & warmth, as we should be in our hearts.

As the tree stands strong in the storm, broken limbs, lost leaves, still strong, to renew, revive, regrow, as we should be for eternity.


By Becky (NRHS) Yeager

© Copyright 2019 byeager. All rights reserved.

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