Emerald and Embergris

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Submitted: September 25, 2018

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Submitted: September 25, 2018



Emerald and Embergris



It’s always disappointing, but never a surprise

Equating “good” and “beautiful” is one of life’s enduring lies

Those who value beauty assign its value “worth,”

Conflating truth and wisdom with an accident of birth

Those whose beauty radiates from skin a flawless hue

Struggle just to keep it, never knowing what they never knew

What they never had to learn, while all acclaimed their worth

On those idolized as beautiful are laid the treasures of the earth

And if their woes are minimized, they may feel alone and yet

Unless they lose that beauty, they will find the world does not forget

Assigning “good” to “beautiful,” all others must survive

Knowing that the best goes first to those with most to help them thrive

For beauty’s always hungry and sweeps before it all

Money, friends, and influence: and takes them with it if it fall

To me you say, of course I see—you must be jealous, aching

For beauty you can never have, and so imagine taking

The kind of praise that goes instead to the truly fair

And rant and gnash your teeth and rent your unattractive hair

To me you laugh, of course you say that we should reassess

Inside each ugly, graceless girl could lurk a secretive princess

But that is not what drives me, that is not what makes me mad

To just reclaim the name of good, divert those who think ugly “bad”

To skate upon the surface of a life so rich as this

Requires shallowness to laud the lovely, give the strange a hiss

But more is asked if you would dive and swim into the deep

Forgetting what the surface tells can make you think, disturb your sleep


Easier to see the sky reflect in someone’s lovely eyes

And celebrate their beauty, seeing nothing of potential lies

Good and beauty are not strangers, but they never meet

Except as chance companions on a lovely, shallow street

To search instead for wisdom means you’ll never stop anew

At just the lovely faces—you’ll see other faces too

Ones with life etched in them, or the lines of too much pain

A funny nose, an off-set eye, a bulbous belly—but not again

Will you think that something here is off, not truly made by God

While beauty calls out to you, here could never be a fraud

Why think one creation more divine, beauty or mere youth

When if you love a Maker, you should see in all things truth

The snake is never straight but winds a trail of esses in the dust

A tiger’s face is regal, hiding plots of blood-filled lust

Is then a snake deceitful while the cat with velvet feet

Will trick you into trusting it despite its taste for meat?

In nature as with humans, an appearance is just that:

A seeming, and a lie, ‘til you reach out and knock it flat

The truth is not in surface, not in beauty or its glow

It may compel you as a child, but grow in wisdom, let that go!

Fairness of a face does not an honest heart reveal

Put beauty in the dark and you’ll be forced to find your way by feel

Look beyond the surfaces, beyond the look of things

Loving only beauty is not worth the disappointment

That ignorance of worth above the love of fine appointment

Lacking any substance inevitably brings


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