Drowned Dwelling

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A child if molded in incorrect ways can misinterpret the people around him, and the situations they are involved with. It was too late for this child, for he had retaliated after experiencing abuse.

Submitted: September 25, 2018

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Submitted: September 25, 2018



A shield, a guard, a position to hold,

Society and the parents are told.

If experienced in one way for life,

Could an abused child understand such strife?


There is another way, but it is not known,

For the parent, their eyes were never shown.

It is the way of parenthood they claim,

But the child in chains was never the same.


Beaten, pummeled, and slammed via hammer,

The child could not determine the answer.

Until one day, a suggestion was made.

A decision, a plan, a plot was laid.


The house by the lake its shadow was bare,

For no one could know the cause of the scare.

Spring is all good, but winter is endless,

But how could they know when they were breathless.


Water it ripples, but not with neglect,

The top half, frozen in mind to protect.

When broken it shatters down in the deep,

Drift away from all in order to sleep.


But when that egregious water lies still

Remember the waste that lies, who will?

The despondency, it starts with a call

The child pondered if they mattered at all.

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