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Submitted: September 25, 2018

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Submitted: September 25, 2018



The Sun gives Earth its life; its
Light allows us to see the beauty within ourselves and our
Celestial siblings.
Every single star in the sky is a
Sun itself, surrounded by
Lively planets that could not survive without it.

I am a cold, rogue planet who came across a star like you.

I know i have such great potential to
Grow life; all i need is your
All i need is your light, and i can
Flourish like the others.

So i try my damnedest, forgetting that it’s
A well beyond my control
(And that it might also be against the natural
Laws), to
Stay around you.

My path takes me in—closer and warmer and brighter—but my
Hardened core expands too quickly and breaks because i'm
Moving too fast to stay in orbit. Your gravity
Pulls me in and slings me away, never
To return.

You say perhaps i'll meet another star one day;
But this vacuum, this void, is so astronomical…

Then something astounding happens:
You pull me in for another loop,
Whether you mean to or not.  Only,
Ours is a parabolic relationship, and i'm
Pushed away yet again.
We twirl around each other for eons,
And i know that i can move you,
But i feel like the only one dancing—waltzing
Two steps in and one back out with each

Over the millennia you've shown me your radiant
Light—shone for all to see;
But now i've gotten too close, and i’m more blind than i
Was before i found you, and there's
Nothing i can do.
I never could.
I’ll be scorched before life could emerge—consumed by the one
With whom i share an invisible,
Magnetic connection.

At night when i would face away, i used to close my eyes.
The warmth of your corona crept around me from behind.
I’d wait to see your face again, pretend you’d never left.
But as i turn one final time, i keep them wide…

Bereft, i see the wanderers—your other suitors—trapped in the
Same lethal spiral, hoping to soak in your rays like i was.
Perhaps they are as endless as their attraction to you.
I'd like to think that i was unique—your sole admirer—or that
Maybe our time in space had meant something; but the
Sight of them repulses such a dream—sublimates
The last of my deliquescent hope.

Accepting fate, asphyxiating, i turn and tidally lock.
You are the last thing i see before i’m engulfed,
And i can't help but reflect:

All i ever wanted was your light,
And i could've stood out among them.

All i ever wanted was your light.


All i ever wanted



Was your





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