Isolated Lucidity

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Submitted: September 25, 2018

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Submitted: September 25, 2018



The soft piano seemingly filled the room

Each note playfully danced around her,

Beckoning her to join along


It was in this moment she lost herself

But by this point the music had taken over

And she was waist deep, and the notes

Only continued devouring her at an alarming rate


Though she did not move, she could feel it

She felt herself stand as the melody grabbed her hand

If they had any eyes, this would be when she would feel them

Look up at her with more yearning


An overwhelming spacey sensation grew, it sent tingles

In waves throughout her body that transformed into

A flowing white gown that mirrored the soft tune’s innocence


But it wasn’t the music’s innocence that was mirrored

It had awakened a softer, pure, innocence deep in her spirit

She curtseyed politely, and the music kissed her hand gently

They swiftly made their way to the center of the room


It slowed into a delightful harmony as they laid their hand

On the small of her back, and she placed hers on their shoulder

They joined their other hands and swayed to and fro, ever so gently

As the music spun them playfully, she giggled


They showered her in pure joy, images of simpler times

Flashed through her mind, playing in the snow as a child,

Eating freshly baked cookies she made herself,

A sense of pride grew over her, at this moment the violin chimed in


The two danced gracefully, to the tune of their song

The sweet violin resonated, ringing in her eyes

She looked up into their eyes, and saw all the love she dreamed of


She remembered the sense of God she had felt many times

While crying and praying at her bedside for peace

Letting her know everything would be alright


The music caressed her cheek before forming a single flower

In their hands and carefully placing it into her hair

As the music slowed, signaling the end, they bowed to each other

And they placed a gentle kiss on her forehead, abiding her farewell


She sighed to herself, still floating even after the music had stopped.

© Copyright 2019 Tatiana Raudales. All rights reserved.

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