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Deal with pain as it comes, don't bury it.

Submitted: September 25, 2018

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Submitted: September 25, 2018



She wanted to be what everyone needed her to be

Her whole life she tried her best to please

Trying to share her light with others so they wouldn't feel invisible

Making attempts to heal everyone elses wounds

Her own wounds she burried deep

They arent important

They dont affect my life

Layer by layer she stacked them up

Placing them gently

But no matter how neatly you stack some things

If there is to much it will eventually fall

She balanced this pile so well for so long

Yet with each new one she added she felt something shifting

She was teetering on the ledge

His hand was the only thing left to steady her

He let go

42 years of pieces scattered all around her

Now she has no choice but to pick each piece up one at a time forcing her to examine them for the first time

Some of the pieces are heavy

She has a choice

Restack the pile

Or clean up the mess and throw it away

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