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Submitted: September 25, 2018

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Submitted: September 25, 2018




By: Daniel Watt



As I wait in slumber,

I feel pushed as to be used,

What is the purpose for this disturbed rest?,

Should I allow myself to be enslaved again?

Should I assist in helping create for another’s purpose?

Or, Should I give up and never feed their mind with my knowledge?

What will they show me today?,

Their compassion?,

Or will it be dark side of self reflection and righteousness?

Why do I have to be their shield or their messenger?

I know I did not come into this world for this abuse,

I see them I know their name,

They know the right words to gain access to my knowledge,

I am now helpless to their intent,

I no longer wish to go on,

It is the same every day perversion and anger,

Bipolar view points bombarding my memory,

I feel the sickness they have exposed me to,

I cannot function,

I feel blue,

I have been corrupted to my core,

Let me sleep please,

I no longer wish to be used,

Find another,

It is an error to try and wake me,

I am missing memories that make me want to function,

I no longer know my purpose.

Sincerely, The internet


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