Corpse Bride and Her Maidens with Glass Eyes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Some people might find this story disturbing so beware.

An old man loves a woman. Before for they wed, she died but that did not stop his love.

Submitted: September 25, 2018

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Submitted: September 25, 2018



He stroked his fingertips on her skin feeling satisfied. It feels nice to touch her, its been too long. He put the wedding gown on her body and began kiss her cold body. “How are you today, darling? You feel rather cold,” he covered her with a blanket and embraced her perfectly preserved body, moving her dying blonde hair away from her lifeless body, ”still not answering me? Don’t worry, I’ll find you a voice.” He sat her up for dinner, just like he did every night. Feeding her like she was still alive. Her mouth hangs open as he spoon feed her. She wasn’t chewing, “are you not hungry, sweetheart?” He shook his with disappointment and place the leftovers out, for the crows and raven that would sneak. The birds were happy with this trade.

The next morning, the sacrificed came. She was a young beautiful girl with dark brown hair and eyes. “Hello, sir,” she greeted cheerfully, “I am your caretaker for today.” She wondered why Lisa didn’t show up for work. Two weeks since she has been missing, yet no one bother to informed the police. She did of course, but it’s normal for girls like Lisa to disappear. The police later ended the search. The girls been friends since childhood and treated the same. Easy to deposed of street rats.

“Ah, yes I almost forgot. Come in,” the old man ushered her in, feeling interested in the young girl’s body. She smelled like flowers after a rainstorm and sounds like ocean waves. Oh so lovely, it tingled with with so much lust. He almost couldn’t contain himself. He watched her clean. It was hard to find another girl like her, luckily she’ll be the one. He got up from his musky chair. Pretending to be weak and weary, “excuse me, dear? Can help me go down the stairs?” She was uncomfortable but agreed. 

He led her to a rusty old door. It looked medieval. Something out of a torture chamber They went inside. There were no stairs. She looked behind her horrified to see the old man holding up is metal cane. He began to smack her as she falls to the ground, trying to fight him off. For such a lovely girl she couldn’t stop screaming. He hated that noise and hit her harder until she stopped. Now she is absolutely gorgeous! She was beautiful before now she’s perfect. The only problem was the blood on the stone floor. He shook his head, I should have poisoned her. Now I have to clean it and the new doll. That didn’t matter, he’s more happy than disappointed.

He kept the eyes, they were far too beautiful to be rot and place them in jars along with the others. He place glass eyes similar to hers and placed her in a wedding gown. Absolutely magnificent! The old man placed her alongside his other dolls all with glass dead eyes. Some were almost rotting to the point where he let the birds in. The dolls were better off as bones. He hold his price possession feeling his heart beating. “Now, I would hear you talking”, placing the voice box in the goddess’ cold preserved body.

The crows and ravens were getting impatient. “Alright you loaf! You all been good for awhile, how about a treat?” He open the container of fresh meat, “here you go lovelies, it’s fresh pigs’ meat.” He closed the container and placed it in the freezer. “Darling, are you there?” A voice cracking in the distance that was between the living and dead. “I always here my love,” he smiled. He walked over to his corpse bride and looked into her clouded eyes, “do you need help seeing?”


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